Putin can't be a war crimes suspect while he's president of Russia


Putin cannot be suspected of war crimes while he is president of Russia

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova/BBC

While Putin is the President of Russia, he cannot be declared suspected of committing war crimes. The Office of the Prosecutor General says that it is currently impossible to open criminal proceedings.

This was announced by Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova. As long as Putin is the head of state, he has functional immunity.

As long as Putin is president, he has immunity

I have repeatedly stated that the greatest the war criminal of the 21st century is Vladimir Putin. But have we opened criminal proceedings against him? He has functional immunity,” Venediktova noted.

The Prosecutor General stressed that Ukraine complies with the norms of international and national law, therefore, this particular case against the head of the aggressor state was not opened.

Earlier, Biden called Putin's butcher

Note that earlier US President Joe Biden picked up a fairly accurate description of Vladimir Putin. The head of the White House called Putin a butcher. Biden did this by talking to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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