Putin covered himself with a “human shield” and defends himself with the lives of millions of people – Olevsky


Putin covered himself with a

Vladimir Putin has increased his power within the country. People gathered around him, both with a motive of sincere sympathy, and with the understanding that there was nowhere to retreat.

This opinion was voiced on Channel 24 by Russian opposition journalist, editor of The Insider Timur Olevsky. He noted that currently in Russia there is a break of two worlds.

Russia is divided into two worlds

The first is Russia against violence. The second is Russia, which is “for” the war. These two worlds are not equal in number, but they are large, Olevsky said.

“There are many Russians inside the country who are against the war. Those who did not leave pay a colossal price: their children are taken away from them and sent to orphanages. They live under constant fear – what to say under their breath so that they do not write a denunciation “, – explained the details of the opposition journalist.

Timur Olevsky on the situation inside Russia: watch the video

The law enforcement system will not help in this situation either, because it does not protect the law, but directly Putin, the editor of The Insider believes.

Putin really is holding people hostage. Therefore, those who did not leave are under pressure and threats,” Timur Olevsky emphasized once again.

Economic pressure works

Putin has increased his power thanks to economic pressure. So far, part of the Russian economy has been able to replace imports, and at present it can exist. But this is not for long. Russians will become very irritated when there is a noticeable difference with the achievements of the whole world, an opposition journalist expressed such an opinion.

“Relatively speaking, people who are given a passport by the FSB and allowed to leave the country on a business trip will bring a new model phone from Paris, which the economy cannot create in Russia. There was such irritation in the USSR,” the speaker recalled.

He stressed that soon the Russian economy will not be able to replace many imports and irritation among the population will increase. But that's later. Now, at this moment, Putin has really consolidated his power.

“He was able to overlay himself with the bodies of Russians who protect his power, him physically from the consequences that should come after what he did. He covered himself with a “human shield” and his shield is getting bigger. But I don’t know if it’s stronger. he is now defending himself with the lives of millions of people – a fact. And before the war, this was not the case, “summed up Olevsky.

Putin Affairs: Recent Developments

  • On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now he has the official status of a suspect in an international crime.
  • Yevgeny Prigozhin increasingly began to appear in the media space. They say that such activity is connected with the political ambitions of the head of the Wagner PMC and his desire to get high positions.
  • In Russia, they may introduce a tax on war. And the Russian oligarchs will have to fork out in the first place.

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