Putin did a lot to make Russia fall apart after him – Preobrazhensky


Putin did a lot to make Russia fall apart after him, – Preobrazhensky

Dictator Vladimir Putin took a serious part in making Russia collapse after he left. He planted a lot of time bombs.

About itChannel 24said candidate of political sciences, expert on Central and Eastern Europe Ivan Preobrazhensky. In his opinion, Russia is not currently on the path to disintegration. However, Vladimir Putin did a lot for the state to finally fall apart. One of his main “achievements” was the dismantling of federal relations in Russia.

What could be the Russia of the future

As Preobrazhensky suggested, the ideal scenario, which many states would like – a parliamentary republic with broad autonomy of the regions. And part will separate into separate independent states.

He believes that it is impossible to establish democracy in Russia in the coming years after the defeat in the war. It would be possible to negotiate with one of the local oligarchs who keep money in the West, so that they would gradually lead the country out of totalitarianism. Indeed, in the coming years after the defeat, democracy will not be built there and there is a risk of imperial resentment. , which are in Russia, except for Putin. A pragmatic choice, based on principles, who will ensure a relatively gradual movement away from totalitarianism in some other direction, Preobrazhensky noted.

The collapse of Russia: in short

  • Western analysts believe that Russia could fall apart within the next decade. This is stated in the material of the Financial Times.
  • Thus, about half of the leading foreign policy experts suggest that Russia will fall apart before 2033. Or it will become a failed state.
  • 46% of the 167 experts who took part in the survey believe that Russia will disintegrate or fail in the next 10 years.

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