Putin divided into parts: the head of Chechnya predicted how Russia would fall apart


Putin divided into parts: the head of Chechnya predicted how Russia would fall apart

Russia will surely disintegrate after the defeat in the war. So that chaos does not start in these territories, it is necessary to prepare for this process.

This was told to Channel 24 by the head of the government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Akhmed Zakaev. According to him, dictator Vladimir Putin did everything possible to start the collapse of Russia.

He jokes that in the future a monument will be erected to the bunker for bringing the “empire” to ruin. But first, the dictator must be court-martialed.

How Russia will fall apart

As Zakayev noted, the collapse of Russia will definitely begin after the defeat in the war against Ukraine. The West needs to prepare for this process already today. But Putin himself did an excellent job of helping to do this – he prepared a certain ground that needs to be used. After all, Russia is already divided in a certain sense.

Putin divided Russia into two parts. He thus facilitated the work of those who will dismantle this country. Now Russia is divided into 8-9 federal districts. There are administrative centers and subjects of the regions that are part of the federal center. They will be able to create unions or confederations as sovereign state formations,” Zakayev noted.

For Caucasians, the situation will not be a problem. After all, on the territory of the North Caucasus at one time there was a Mountainous Republic (Republic of the Highlanders of the Caucasus – Channel 24).

Interestingly, Zakayev handed over to the Ukrainian authorities a document that was once concluded between the UNR and the Mountain Republic regarding interaction and mutual recognition. He is convinced that this cooperation will need to be continued in modern conditions.

Putin is afraid of the collapse of Russia: briefly

  • Dictator Vladimir Putin said in an interview that the West allegedly wants to divide Russia in order to control it.
  • He even began to complain that the “Russian people” in this case could disappear. And instead of it there will be many different ethnic groups. The dictator believes that then instead of Russians there will be different Muscovites, Urals, etc.
  • Political consultant Mikhail Sheitelman explained why Putin suddenly started talking about the collapse of Russia.

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