Putin doesn't need decisions to save face – Kuleba on Macron's statements


Putin doesn't need decisions to save face, – Kuleba about Macron's statements

Dmitry Kuleba/Channel 24

Some European politicians are too interested in “saving Putin's face”. Therefore, they are looking for different solutions that they offer to the Ukrainian authorities so that Russia can get out of this war.

One such politician was French President Emmanuel Macron. During a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he suggested that Ukraine make concessions on sovereignty in order to “save Putin's face”.

Such unacceptable “offers” puzzle Ukrainian diplomats. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitry Kuleba, said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin does not need such solutions, and he does not even try to look for them.

One of the reasons for this war was that everyone was always trying to offer Putin a face-saving solution. When Putin launched this war, he sent a clear message: I don't want face-saving solutions. I am ready to cross borders, commit war crimes in order to achieve my political goals, – said Dmitry Kuleba.

Therefore, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is more surprised that there is still a need for the world to understand the true intentions of the Russian authorities. And that the words of the head of the Kremlin should not be believed. As an example, he cites the fact that a few days before the war Putin and his puppet Sergei Lavrov, who heads the Foreign Ministry there in Russia, said that Russia was not planning to attack Ukraine. But they continued to pull up their troops to the Ukrainian borders. And they lied when they said they were withdrawing troops, although satellite images showed that the troops remained in their original positions.

“I am amazed when I hear again today that face-saving solutions need to be found for Putin. My question to these people is: what is still to be done for you to understand that Putin does not need face-saving solutions? That he does not respect you” when you offer him such solutions?” Putin frankly lied to Macron that he would not attack Ukraine. Lavrov publicly told everyone this. That is, Russia humiliated everyone who tried to prevent the war. When the same people again say that we should not humiliate Russia, “I don't understand,” said Dmitry Kuleba.

Therefore, Ukraine does not plan to make concessions in the war with Russia. But it needs the help of partners.

“The Russian military the car must be stopped. We, Ukrainians, invest the most in these efforts, because we sacrifice our lives and destroy them on our land. Other countries can help us by supplying us with weapons and imposing sanctions to prevent the Russian military-industrial complex from replacing destroyed heavy weapons with new ones of their own production,” the Ukrainian diplomat said.

Dmitry Kuleba named three elements that will help to succeed in war against Russia: Ukrainian ability to hold a blow, character and fighting strength; replenishment of necessary weapons; sanctions against Russia

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