Putin fell into a trap, – a military expert explained, as evidenced by massive missile strikes


Putin fell into a trap, a military expert explained massive missile strikes

October 10, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine that affected civilians and critical infrastructure . Kremlin propagandists are already saying that this is a new stage of the so-called “special operation” in Ukraine.

In fact, the Russian army cannot achieve success at the front, therefore it fights against the civilian population. A military expert, head of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko said this to channel 24.

“This is the usual spread of the practice of missile terror in fairly large volumes and directions. Unfortunately, it is possible that the next few hours or a few days will also be threatening“, he stressed.< /p>

A manifestation of weakness and agony

Musienko emphasizes that all this is a manifestation of weakness and agony. Disappointing trends along the entire frontline, where Russians are losing ground, retreating, surrendering cities and fleeing, have led to a wave of discontent in Russia – both with Putin and the lack of results of the war against Ukraine.

Putin fell into a trap that he himself called. Under Putin's rule, Russia increased and cultivated hatred for the Ukrainian people, hysteria, provoked the moods of various schizoids and idiots who ran and talked about the threat of NATO, about Ukraine, about Bandera and so on. Today, the cordon formed by Putin demands blood. The thoughtless crowd is screaming that even more attacks on Ukraine are needed, because there are no successes,” Musienko noted.

In order to divert attention from the losses, explains the military expert, Putin decided to plan such a large-scale missile attack. He needs to somehow win back the weakening positions – and this is becoming more and more noticeable.

“Such manifestations of weakness indicate that the situation for Russia and the Kremlin is developing very badly .The mobilized, on whom they counted, at least so far, have not been able to perform any function for the Russian troops. This will not happen in the near future,” – head of the Center for Military Legal Studies with the civilian population. They think that they will force people to sit without electricity for several hours in some cities, they will scare them with a blow to peaceful cities – and the Ukrainians will stop resisting. However, the key problem is that in Russia socio-political sentiments of the Ukrainian people.

I think that such terror only causes anger and hatred for the enemy, for the Russian troops, for the Russian regime, and only increases the rebuff of the Ukrainian people, says the military expert.

After Putin's agony in Kyiv, Musienko stressed, people didn't ask on social networks: “What to do? Where to run? Where to hide?” They asked: “How can we help?” . Maybe clean up some glass, help clean up the streets, close the windows temporarily until they're glazed.

“This causes a completely opposite situation. Ukrainians are becoming even more united and even more ready to resist. And Putin's regime and its entourage cannot understand this,” Alexander Musienko stressed.

Russia offers the export of violence, war and terror

We see how the Russians are fleeing from the “grave”, because they simply do not have the same unity that the Ukrainians have. This really poses a big threat, Musienko assures, because they are afraid that the gene for freedom, responsibility, cohesion may infect some society in Russia.

And this means ruin for them . Today, except for the export of violence, terror and war, the Russian regime has nothing to give its citizens outside. Of course, any other issues related to the economy and socio-political life pose a threat, – emphasizes the head of the Center for Military Legal Research.

Very threatening in the coming days: watch the video

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