Putin for the first time in all his years in power allowed two major hardware defeats – Piontkovsky

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Putin for the first time in all his years in power allowed two major hardware defeats — Piontkovsky

After Putin's hardware defeats, the founder of the PPK "Wagner" ; Prigozhin has become even more insolent, Piontkovsky believes.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin last week, for the first time in his 23 years in power, committed two major defeats in the apparatus.

This opinion was expressed Russian publicist and oppositionist Andrey Piontkovsky on Espresso.

“The first was on the night of January 10-11, when Shoigu and Gerasimov came to him and demanded that Surovikin be fired immediately in order to return Gerasimov to the post, and Putin complied. And secondly, when Prigozhin came to him two days later with the opposite demand, to stop the “discredit program” by the General Staff of the “heroic fighters” of Wagner and issue an official statement about their “exploits”. After these two defeats, this is no longer the same person, he is no longer perceived by the apparatus as the Fuhrer. In the criminal world, and now we see the criminal community in the Russian political military elite,” the oppositionist said.In addition, he noted that after Putin's hardware defeats, the founder of the Wagner PPC, Prigogine, only became insolent and began to fight against the top military leadership and traitors in the Kremlin administration.

and even lowered twice a week. In addition, Prigozhin only became impudent from this and launched an attack not only on the military leadership, on officials in the General Staff, but also on traitors in the presidential administration, “added Piontkovsky.

Griznya in the Kremlin

According to Ukrainian intelligence, disputes are intensifying among Russian President Vladimir Putin's entourage against the backdrop of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the war. The inner circle of the head of the Kremlin already understands that “Putin's final is determined.” The GUR is sure that these contradictions in the Kremlin elite will continue.

The head of the intelligence community of Bellingcat, Khristo Grozev, announced the emergence of a confrontation between Prigozhin and Putin, the first stage of which was the dismissal of Surovikin.

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