Putin had a plan for Russia, it is being implemented, – Podolyak called the goal of the dictator


Putin had a plan for Russia, it is being implemented, - Podolyak called the goal of the dictator

Russia is a country that constantly steals something. Not only from a technological point of view, but also from a cultural or literary point of view. Like nesting dolls stolen from Japan.

Russia is only investing in promoting the fact that they have the right to steal something and pass it off as their own. This opinion was expressed by the adviser to the head of the OP Mikhail Podolyak to Channel 24 .

What is Putin's plan for Russia

For the Russians, “everything is going according to plan.” And what was the plan? I understand that Putin had a plan – to destroy modern Russia and make it what it should be – a backward, low-tech country, – the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office emphasized.

Moreover, in his opinion, the goal of the Kremlin dictator is to bring the country to the point where no one needs it anymore. And which is also closed – people cannot leave there and influence any global processes.

Full interview of Ekaterina Solyar with Mikhail Podolyak: watch the video

What awaits Russia in the future

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine weakened the Kremlin's position and hastened the collapse of a state that for centuries was one of the greatest empires in the world. Western analysts believe that the aggressor country will lose its integrity in the next decade.

According to the Financial Times, about half of leading foreign policy experts believe that Russia will become a failed state or fall apart before 2033.

Forty-six percent of the 167 experts who responded to the think tank said that Russia's failure or disintegration could happen in the next 10 years, according to a Western publication.

At the same time, they noted that 40% of experts are sure that the aggressor country will face a revolution, civil war or political disintegration, which will lead to its decline.

“Disappointing” forecasts for Russia

  • Russian opposition politician Andrei Piontkovsky believes that there will be a new type of civil war in Russia – private armies will fight among themselves. Moreover, the struggle for power and wealth is already ongoing.
  • He added that it would not be an ideological war of people with different points of view, but a huge gang fight. As a result of which Russia will break up not into just two countries, but into many.
  • At the same time, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, is convinced that after the victory of Ukraine, Russia will not fall apart into 5 or 7 random countries. In his opinion, certain processes will take place inside the aggressor country, but here it should be understood that this process is much more complicated.

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