Putin has a syndrome of Zhirinovsky and Stalin – Fesenko about the threat to the world


Putin has a syndrome of Zhirinovsky and Stalin – Fesenko about a threat to the world

Putin is becoming like Stalin and Zhirinovsky/Getty images

Zhirinovsky was not just a clown on stage, his clowning was chauvinistic. The trouble is that Putin began to play for the public in the same way.

Political scientist Vladimir Fesenko told about this on the air of Channel 24. He also noted that Zhirinovsky was very useful to the Russian political system, and Putin is now similar to him in many ways.

“Russian politics is stuck in time, and now it is generally degrading and actively returning to the Soviet era,” the political scientist believes.

Sovietization of Russia is now taking place, and in their worst manifestation. This is done by old politicians from the 90s. There is no one left in our politics since that time, even those who were 20 years ago have retired from active political life, says Vladimir Fesenko.

The future for of the world and Russia

According to the political scientist, Russia has been mothballed in such politicians as Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov and Putin. Volodin, the head of the Duma, once said that Putin is Russia, and Russia is Putin.

I'm afraid that Putin manifests not only Stalin. This bunker paranoia, when a person hides from his own environment and is afraid of his own shadow, Fesenko warns.

This combination of both Zhirinovsky and Stalin in one person is a threat not only to us, but to the whole world and Russia itself.

Putin's Stalin-Zhirinovsky syndrome: watch the video

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