Putin has resources to continue the war – Russian journalist


U Putin has the resources to continue the war, – Russian journalist

Yakovenko: Putin wants to continue the war/Channel 24 Collage

What's going on in Vladimir Putin's head is hard to understand. However, it is clear that the formula of his life has changed significantly.

Earlier, the formula was as follows – the head of the Kremlin is alive while in power. Now the formula sounds like this – Putin is alive while he is waging war. This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko to Channel 24.

What Putin will do next

According to him, there is no physical possibility for the President of Russia to stop the war. After all, after that, he will quickly lose power and life.

Therefore, he (Putin – Channel 24) will continue the war. He has the resources for this,” Yakovenko emphasized.

He explained that the myth that the war will end because Putin runs out of resources is wrong. According to the journalist, in the future, the head of the Kremlin will continue to escalate the war, will try to seize new territory and hold on to what it has temporarily occupied.

Talk about the Kherson region being “annexed” to Russia, I think, is a different story. The statements of the occupying “administration” of Kherson, most likely, are still a way of personal survival for traitors. The region will not be annexed to Russia – they will not survive, the issues of their existence will be resolved.

Putina has resources to continue the war, – Russian journalist

Igor Yakovenko

Russian opposition journalist

“The turn of the war will not”

Mobilization, according to Yakovenko, will be another absurdity and a very big mistake. It is obvious that there will be sabotage, because:

  • support for the war in Russia is greatly exaggerated;
  • There are very few people who want to go to war, to die on Ukrainian soil, there is no motivation.

The journalist noted that the increase as a result of conscription will be due to very poorly trained people. When they meet with NATO weapons, the losses in the Russian army will skyrocket.

A certain number of people who will have something shooting in their hands will increase the number of victims on the side of Ukraine. However, in general, it will be cannon fodder. A decisive turning point in the war will not be achieved, – the opposition journalist believes.

He noted that in the end there will be a significant increase in the number of victims of Russian military personnel. This will probably lead to protests.

“Mobilization – it will be great stupidity, which will hasten the end of the Putin regime“, added Yakovenko.

Mobilization in Russia: what is known

  • The United States of America is not seeing any signs of a “major new Russian mobilization”.
  • However, the covert mobilization. Volunteers are being recruited for the war among the unemployed and Cossacks.
  • According to intelligence, the occupiers are also sending college graduates to fight.
  • Russia continues the illegal mobilization of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied Crimea. This was stated by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights, Lyudmila Denisova.

Putin realized that the United States would not play his games: watch the video

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