Putin in the 90s saw himself in Europe, but decided to absolutize power, – a political scientist from Russia


Putin saw himself in Europe in the 90s, but decided to absolutize power, – political scientist from Russia

Vladimir Putin started the war against Ukraine not because he wanted to restore the USSR or be at enmity with the West but for a different reason. Moreover, in the 1990s, he generally saw the future of Russia in Europe.

However, he began to move in a different direction. Abbas Gallyamov, a Russian political strategist, told Channel 24 about this.

Putin does not like that the West is “seducing” Russians with democracy

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">Putin in the 90s was an absolute “Westernizer” – he saw himself in Europe and Russia. He began to move in the other direction, because he felt that there was an opportunity to absolute power and strengthen his own control over the country, – said the Russian political strategist.

According to him, it was in the issue of absolute power that the Russian dictator saw the West as his enemy, since the latter showed an example of democracy, change of power or the fight against corruption. At the same time, for Putin, this meant a weakening of power, and possibly a complete loss.

“By breaking off relations with the West, through geopolitical arguments and the so-called traditional values, which the Russians allegedly carry, he gained the opportunity to declare “evil” the principle of change of power, freedom of speech, democracy, etc. This is the true essence of his conflict with the West “, – explained Gallyamov.

Thus, the head of the Kremlin would be happy if he managed to divide the world into zones of influence and no one touched him or criticized his actions in Russia. From Putin's point of view, the West is doing “absolutely obscene” things by criticizing him.

Gallyamov on Putin's true intentions: watch the video

The Russian political strategist noted that Putin considers himself “the master of Russia”, because he is the president. The West intervenes and “teaches” him. Moreover, it finds supporters in Russia itself, undermining the absolutization of power. This is the reason for the conflict between the Russian dictator and the West.

However, Putin cannot say that he is at enmity with the West, because it teaches Russians about democracy. Therefore, arguments from a series of geopolitics come into play to mask the real motives. The head of the Kremlin is striving to create a world order where everyone does whatever they want on “their own territory”.

This is where the Russians' attempts to teach Ukrainians come from, what language we should speak, what literature to read and what to teach our children. And all because Ukraine is just nearby.

Thus, the Russian dictator believes that he allegedly has the right to interfere in another state, while at the same time no one should interfere in Russia. From the point of view of formal logic, this construction is absolutely inferior, because all Putin's arguments are fake. In fact, his true goal is absolute power.

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