Putin is a tool to destroy Russia – Andrukhovych


Putin – is a tool to destroy Russia , – Andrukhovych

Andrukhovych about Putin/Getty Images , although the Kremlin head has repeatedly convinced himself that this is a very unfavorable country for him. He always fails here and “breaks his teeth”.

The writer Yury Andrukhovych said this. He expressed his opinion on Channel 24.

He noted that since Putin is so stubborn that he continues to try to seize Ukraine, it means that at a certain stage both he and his system must come to an end.

If we take the last two decades, since Putin became president, he became a tool for the destruction of Russia, Andrukhovych believes.

And he stressed that for all the evil of this world today in fact, Russia is responsible.

“The Western world should help us pacify this strongest evil of this world. I believe that this is our mission,” Andrukhovych added.

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