Putin is burying a project called Russia: what he did not take into account when he unleashed a war in Ukraine


Putin is burying a project called Russia: what he did not take into account when he unleashed a war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin believed that taking over Ukraine would be an easy achievement for him. However, in this way he will lead his country to collapse.

This was told to Channel 24 by Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko. According to him, the close circle of the dictator constantly lied to him about the real situation in Ukraine and the level of patriotism of the people.

The failure of Putin's plan

Igor Yakovenko explained that at first the war against Ukraine was prepared in a completely different format. On the eve of the invasion, Vladimir Putin found himself literally in a “foggy space.”

He really thought that this might be some kind of police operation to subjugate some recalcitrant and unreasonable people. he remarked.

In his opinion, this is evidenced by the number of the Russian army that entered the territory of Ukraine in 9 directions.

“What is even 200 thousand in order to attack the largest country in Europe? It's just absolute madness!” the oppositionist is convinced.

According to Yakovenko, in order to control only Kyiv, it is necessary to take control of the entire territory from Russia or Belarus to the capital.

It should be the army that was under Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union. Putin has never had anything like it, never has, and never will,” he stressed.

Yakovenko focused on the fact that this is nonsense, because from the very beginning Putin regarded everything as a special police operation.

Igor Yakovenko told why Putin's plan to seize Ukraine was initially a failure: watch the video

Russian lie in all its glory

The oppositionist said that Putin lived in illusions all the time. One of them is regarding the setting of the Ukrainian people .

Here we really need to say a red thanks to Medvedchuk, that he embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars and for them he constantly lied to Putin that in Ukraine the majority of Ukrainians want Putin to annex Ukraine to Russia,” he added.

Yakovenko noted that Putin willingly believed in this nonsense. Also, the Russian dictator dreamed that the Ukrainian army was not able to resist.

“The man simply did not understand that the Ukrainian army fought for 8 years and learned a lot during this time,” he said.

In his opinion, the President of Russia did not take into account that NATO also actively joined the rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army today is definitely the most combat-ready army in Europe, if not in the world, the oppositionist is convinced.

In addition , the West was also shrouded in illusions.

How Putin represented the West

Igor Yakovenko said that Vladimir Putin was sure that the West did not pose any threat to him.

“He is used to the fact that everything can be bought, you can negotiate with everyone, and you can intimidate those with whom you don't agree,” he stressed.

The oppositionist focused on the fact that the Russian dictator had no idea that it was the West that had power over the world for centuries.

It turned out that the West still consists not only of Gerhard Schroeder and Silvio Berlusconi, but also of other people. he remarked.

Moreover, before the start of the war against Ukraine, Putin did not know the whole truth about his own country .

What Russia was hiding from Putin

Igor Yakovenko said that the dictator was sure that Russia really had the second army of the world. The war against Ukraine made it clear to him that the Russian military simply cannot fight.

“Putin was always drawing cartoons about how the headquarters of Florida would be destroyed with the help of some fictitious missiles,” Yakovenko explained and added that Russia’s potential is only tanks and planes.

During the confrontation with the Ukrainian people, Putin's eyes were opened. He saw that this was not a war with nuclear weapons, it was a war of artillery and “ammunition depletion.”

In addition, it became clear to him that on the other side of the front there are smart generals and professional military men who have motivation.

In the very first month, almost the entire professional Russian army was destroyed, – Yakovenko emphasized.

According to him, of course, it will not be difficult for Russia to mobilize a million people.

“The other thing is more difficult – where to get the necessary number of officers so that all these people do not turn out to be just a herd of defenseless animals that were driven to the slaughterhouse? Putin did not see all this, did not understand,” he said.

According to the oppositionist, in thin red folders with secret pieces of paper, Putin's associates brought him lies.

The result is the end of the same historical project called “Russia” that Putin tried to protect and increase. He is simply burying him before our eyes,” he is convinced.

Vladimir Putin has become a prisoner of his own propaganda.

Putin's statement: the main

  • The Kremlin dictator spoke for the first time about the alleged collapse of Russia. He extended the rhetoric that if the invaders lose the war against Ukraine, then the aggressor country will cease to exist, just like the Russian people in its current form.
  • However, with such theses, the head of the Kremlin does not admit his defeat, but tries to find levers of influence on the minds of Russians. Political scientist Taras Zagorodny is convinced that Putin's current rhetoric is aimed at finding the ideology that is necessary to support the motivation of the Russian army.
  • 24 The channel analyzed what really stands behind Putin's new rhetoric, which he voiced to propagandists regarding the collapse of the aggressor country. What threats and what the Kremlin is trying to achieve, read further on the link.

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