Putin is changing his rhetoric: what key thesis will be promoted in the new address


“Bakhmut or some other 'victory' will not be sold. I think that there will be no rhetoric of 'sale of victory' at all,” Sahakyan said.

He noted that the war that began with the thesis< strong> “we can repeat”, according to the Russian scenario, it should have ended a long time ago. And Putin should make a speech “Russia repeated”. But now the aggressor country will move on to another scenario – an intermediate .

They can't repeat anything. Putin will try to sell the process. That is, “Russia repeats,” the political scientist emphasized.

The political scientist told whether Ukrainians will be surprised by Putin’s appeal: watch the video

Oleg Sahakyan , in particular with Soledar, Mariupol they will. “sell” and they will say what happened, metaphorically, the “Battle of Stalingrad”. The Kremlin will convince that “now the Russian troops are leaving and are pushing Ukraine.” Like, “now it's only a matter of time before Russia wins.”

In his opinion, the main thesis of the aggressor country will be that “ the Russian army turned the tide”.

And now it remains to “add and burn the Reichstag”. Well, what's new for Ukrainians here?” Sahakyan said. p>The only thing to be glad about, the political scientist is sure, is that Vladimir Putin has to change his rhetoric, because the Russianscannotprovide the primary and secondary scenario.

“And this scenario is he It has also been falling apart the other day. It was “shot”… the first phase near Ugledar. It was demonstrated that Russia now, even with the limited forces that it has, they cannot provide an effective offensive,” he added.

< p>All becauseAPU ready to destroy immediatelyany concentration of enemy equipment. And then a “howl in the swamps” appears in Russia and “treason” is carried away in social networks, Sahakyan emphasized.

Pain threshold of Russian society

He I am convinced that the “pain threshold” of Russian society does not consist in the total number of losses, but in the number of losses per unit of time.

, this cannot be silenced, 500, 600, 1000 are required, dozens of equipment are burned, then it causes shock to the Russian society. And here it hurts,” the political scientist said.

And if this number is even multiplied by ten, but “smeared out” per week, then, Sahakyan believes, nothing allegedly happens in Russian society.

“People live for themselves and go from the refrigerator to the TV, trampling this path,” he concluded.

Dictator's address: what is known

  • Vladimir Putin will deliver a speech on February 21, 2023 to the federal assembly. Some experts predict that he may announce a “new offensive.” On February 22, in Moscow's Luzhniki, the occupiers will “celebrate” the anniversary of the full-scale invasion. The Russian president may also be there.
  • Journalist Dmitry Gordon believes that the dictator will need to be told about his achievements, but there are none. Putin hopes that Russian troops will advance in the Donbas by this time.
  • Joe Biden will visit Poland during the days of Vladimir Putin's address. Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak explained that the visit of the US President is important for Ukraine.

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