Putin is dependent, political strategist said, are there any chances for negotiations in the coming months


Putin is addicted, – the political strategist said if there are chances for negotiations in the coming months

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited Vladimir Putin to meet Vladimir Zelensky. He also noted that “there will be no winner in the war in Ukraine”.


On the air 24 channelspolitical strategist Mikhail Sheitelman commented that the paths actually depend to a certain extent on Erdogan, who today has a stronger position.

According to him, Putin is a dying empire. He has not yet lost the war against Ukraine, but he is certainly mired in it. Everything didn't go according to his plan. Meanwhile, Erdogan is the main winner of recent months and probably years. After all, this is a man who succeeded in everything that he planned. Even what often seemed unreal.

He chose a strategy for himself – in a certain sense, the restoration of the Ottoman Empire. However, otherwise – not like Putin. Not by seizing land, but by political and economic influence, – Mikhail Sheitelman explained.

The political strategist noted that in all Turkish-speaking countries one can find many networks of Turkish hotels, energy companies and Turkish interests. This is all what Erdogan does.

Meeting in Sochi

Mikhail Sheitelman explained that the paths during the meeting with Erdogan had many requests.

“We know what the path wants. He wants immediate negotiations. He wants a truce. He wants to gain a foothold in the occupied territories. And Erdogan is ready to play along with Putin, because he wants to act as a peacemaker,” Mikhail Sheitelman explained.

He noted that the words of the Turkish president about “there will be no winner” sounded only because he was in Sochi. If Erdogan came to Kyiv, he would say that the Ukrainians will be the winners.

Erdogan's visit to Ukraine.

According to the political strategist, Erdogan's visit will definitely take place, because he really needs it, because it's very beautiful. This is a man of beautiful gestures, who is now demonstrating his strength, and also desperately brave.

He went to power in a difficult way, not like Putin. He was not some petty KGB agent. He came to power in a difficult way and got it. He is really and truly the most popular leader in Turkey. That is why he will decide to take any bold steps and will implement them,” Mikhail Sheitelman said.

“He made bold statements about supporting Ukraine even before the war. It was Erdogan who decided to give us Bayraktar even before the war, when no one gave any weapons. However, one should not think that he is on our side. He is completely on his side. He is only for Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. He adheres only to his own interests,” Sheitelman explained.

According to the expert, today the interests of Ukraine and Turkey coincide more than the interests of Russia and Turkey. Only because of this, the Turkish president is our situational ally.

Will Erdogan be able to agree on direct negotiations between Zelensky and Putin.

Mikhail Sheitelman believes that he will not be able to. Putin is ready to negotiate only when he knows that he can get out of the situation with a “victory.” Meanwhile, Ukraine, Zelensky and the political leadership in general are not ready to let the Russian dictator succeed and will not make concessions to him.

Watch the full video: Putin and Erdogan talks

Latest news about the meeting in Sochi

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Putin in Sochi. They talked for over 4 hours. It was about cooperation and gas issues.
  • Turkey decided to improve cooperation with the Putin regime. They are going to do this in the field of trade, tourism and agriculture.
  • In addition, Erdogan confirmed the information about which Russian propagandists yelled happily: Turkey agreed to pay part of the funds for gas in rubles.

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