Putin is preparing for a long war, but the Russian elite does not believe in victory – Reuters


Putin is preparing for a long war, but the Russian elite does not believe in victory, – Reuters

President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin is preparing for a long war against Ukraine. However, the Kremlin elite is convinced that Putin has doomed Russia to collapse.

The publication notes that Putin sees the war as a “tipping point” and an opportunity to “teach a lesson” to the United States and, of course, to revive Russia, as in USSR.

The publication quotes one of its sources that Putin's hopes to improve his reputation were in vain.

It's going to be even harder and more expensive for both Ukraine and Russia. An economic loss of this magnitude is not worth the few territories gained, the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

It is added that Russia is at a disadvantage both in military equipment and in motivation, but the war will still continue “for a very long time”.

The source also suggested that Putin is not going to give up power, and then go to another presidential term.

Putin will remain in power until the end, unless he dies, not whether a coup will take place, neither one nor the other, now seems real, – the interlocutor quotes the publication.

Even one of the few skeptics whose criticism has been tolerated so far, the pro-military ex-commander of pro-Russian troops in eastern Ukraine, does not see a clear result.

We are in a completely paradoxical situation. We have an absolutely incompetent leadership, formed directly by the invariable president, to whom there is no alternative. But a change of president will lead to a quick catastrophe, Igor Girkin believes.U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director William Burns, a former ambassador to Moscow, has suggested that Putin may be betting on time. , and this is our assessment at the CIA, will be critical,” Burns said.

He noted that the reality on the battlefield would undermine “Putin’s arrogance”, showing him that his army cannot advance, but only lose already occupied territories.

Putin will soon “report” on the “results” of the war

  • The Russian dictator announced that on February 21 he will address the federal assembly. This should be his report for the year of the war against Ukraine.
  • However, there was nothing special to report. The occupying army failed all the goals set by the military leadership.
  • Moreover, it is also hard to imagine how he will justify himself for the colossal losses of the Russian army. After all, about a thousand occupiers are “minused” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine every day.
  • Neither mobilization, nor significant stockpiles of weapons helped Putin win at least some victories, so it is unlikely that “prolonging” this war is in his favor.

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