Putin is ready for negotiations, only they need to be called differently


putin ready for negotiations, just call them differently

Putin is ready for negotiations, just call them differently/Getty Images

When talking about Putin's readiness for negotiations, you should always specify what kind of negotiations this readiness is for.


What the Kremlin wants

Start negotiations to stake out for the old and new occupied territories, first temporarily, and then forever? Yes, Putin is ready for this. Only it's not called negotiations. This is called capitulation.

Leaky L*ditch Schroeder broadcasts false propaganda, replacing negotiations on the liberation of the occupied territories with negotiations on surrender.

Target audience – European a layman who will not understand why his government supports the war in Ukraine, if Putin is ready for negotiations.

capitulation awaits Moscow

Who can somehow influence the European media – please make every effort so that the lies about the negotiations are exposed and true information gets into the media – Moscow is still not ready for any negotiations on de-occupation.

There will be no negotiations. There will be surrender. And this will be the capitulation of Muscovy.

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