Putin is 'too sure' he can take over Ukraine: CIA chief


Putin is 'too sure' he can take over Ukraine: CIA chief

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is aiming to take over all of Ukraine. Despite losses at the front and outright setbacks, Putin remains “too confident” in his abilities.

The corresponding statement was made by CIA Director William Burns. He said Vladimir Putin was “too confident” in his ability to take over Ukraine.

Putin believes in his ability to destroy Ukrainians and break Europe

During a November meeting with a Russian intelligence official, Burns became convinced that Putin believed in his ability to destroy Ukrainians and break Europe.

According to him, the representative of Russian intelligence showed impudence and arrogance, which he described as a “quite sad” conversation.

In early February, Burns said the next six months would be critical in Ukraine, with Putin still betting that the West would become politically fatigued.

“We don't think Moscow is serious about negotiations,” the CIA director said.

Putin issued a statement about the collapse of Russia

  • The Kremlin dictator gave an interview to Russian propagandists in which he frightened the Russians. Putin said that the West allegedly has a plan for the collapse of Russia, as a result of which the ethnic group of Russians may disappear.
  • At the same time, he claims that the West plans to establish control over Russia.
  • In fact, Putin, realizing all the failures at the front, is trying to mobilize Russian society even more, presenting the war as a threat to Russia itself.
  • In addition, attention should be paid to Putin's statement about the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine. The dictator believes that NATO is involved in the conflict when it helps Ukraine.

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