Putin is trying to quietly conduct a new mobilization and is preparing for a protracted war – ISW


Putin is trying to discreetly conduct a new mobilization and is preparing for a protracted war, – ISW< /p>

The Kremlin is trying to play down new restrictions on crossing the Russian border to contain panic over a possible second wave of mobilization. Thus, Vladimir Putin is preparing for a protracted war.

The Russian dictator plans to quietly mobilize up to 200,000 people. This was reported at the American Institute for the Study of War.

Putin is preparing for mobilization and a protracted war

ISW recently reported that Russian officials set up several mobile recruiting stations on Russian borders during the first wave of mobilization and will likely use the vehicle registration premise to obtain information about military-age men trying to flee the country.

Thus, Vladimir Putin is trying to quietly conduct another wave of mobilization in order to maintain his domestic base of support.

US and Western officials said Putin plans to quietly mobilize up to 200,000 people as he is aware that the previous “partial mobilization” announcement was very unpopular in Russia, ISW says.

Western officials also noted that the Kremlin even conducted a survey within the country to assess the perception of Russians mobilization.

However, the Kremlin probably squandered the funds spent on such a survey: the more than 700,000 men who fled Russia during the first wave of mobilization should be a sufficient indicator of Russians' readiness to be mobilized for this war. Officials also added that Putin was probably undecided about when to begin “invisible mobilization.”

In addition, Putin is trying to streamline the Russian media space in preparation for a protracted war.

The dictator signed a decree amending the foundations of Russia's state cultural policy to protect society from “external ideological values ​​and the spread of destructive and psychological influences.” The amendment states that the Kremlin is introducing new measures to protect the Russian language against many “unfriendly states” and organizations seeking to undermine Russia's “cultural sovereignty.”

“Putin is likely to use this decree to further impose censorship of Western media and increase domestic support for the Russian military efforts,” the experts noted. Recently, Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that all the necessary measures are being taken: restrictions on the exit of men of military age are being introduced, special orders and instructions are being developed throughout the FSB vertical, mass mobilization is being prepared. Russia intends to increase the size of the armed forces to 2 million people.

According to Yusov, in the geopolitical sense, the Putin regime has already lost. This is obvious to everyone.

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