Putin is trying to restore defense capacities: what choice will the Kremlin face

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Putin is trying to restore defense capacities: what choice will the Kremlin face

The defense enterprises of the Russian Federation began to take people with a criminal record and drug addiction.

The Russian authorities continue to take steps to mobilize the Russian military-industrial base (OPB), which is experiencing difficulties for a long war against Ukraine. In particular, those measures that will force the Kremlin to choose between skilled workers in the defense industry and sophisticated military men who are fighting in Ukraine.

This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

They recalled that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on March 14, during a visit to an aircraft factory in Ulan-Uda, Buryatia, said that the military-industrial base lacks adequately trained personnel.

Therefore, Putin announced a series of reforms aimed at attracting more specialists to work in military factories. And Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, during a visit to the Tactical Missiles Corporation in the Moscow Region, called on the plant to double production even after announcing that the workers had complied with the requirements of the state defense order.

Putin also said that the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a list of specialties for deferment from military service. Analysts say this may indicate that the Kremlin is prioritizing the use of skilled workers in the production of Russian weapons, rather than attracting skilled soldiers to serve in the Russian armed forces. There is also information that the Russian Ministry of Finance is considering the possibility of issuing war bonds.

The Foreign Intelligence Service said Russian defense firms have significantly lowered their hiring requirements and are now accepting workers with no experience and a history of drug use, criminal convictions and bankruptcy. ISW has previously reported on Russia's attempts to “rejuvenate” its military-industrial base amid labor shortages and Western sanctions and, as a result, the lack of success in this endeavor.

Recall, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba believes that the EU countries have not imposed enough sanctions against Russian companies involved in the production of drones and missiles with which kafirs bomb Ukraine.

Russia has been reported to have circumvented sanctions since the early days of the war in Ukraine. This was possible thanks to official distributors or third countries such as Hong Kong and Turkey.

According to British intelligence, Russia's military production is critically weakened, its defense industry is not able to produce the necessary amount of weapons for the war against Ukraine.

In addition, Russia has lost its status as a reliable arms exporter.

According to ISW experts, the Kremlin may include elements of Belarus' military-industrial base in Moscow's big effort to re-equip the Russian army to support a long-term war against Ukraine.

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