Putin knows he's losing the war – Zelensky


Putin knows he's losing the war, – Zelensky

Ukraine will definitely win this war. The whole world knows this, ready to help and support us until this triumphant day and beyond.

Moreover, even Putin already knows this. This opinion was expressed by President Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with the American television channel CBS.

Putin knows that he is losing the war

As you know, mobilization is underway in Russia. One of the excuses is that Russia itself is allegedly being attacked, because the West gives us weapons.

Putin knows, he feels it, and his military leadership reports to him. He knows he is losing the war. On the battlefield, Ukraine seized the initiative. He cannot explain to his society why, and is looking for answers to these questions,” Zelensky says.

The President noted that Putin’s society does not understand that this is the second army in the world that is not capable of defeating Ukraine.


Zelensky recalled how Putin said that “Ukraine will be taken in 3 days”, and now it is seven months.

“Seven months since Russia tried to occupy Ukraine, but failed. And now he must make excuses. He must take measures to justify,” Zelensky said.

Main moments from Zelensky's conversation

The President noted to the American TV channel that tanks from the United States are very necessary. According to him, if we have tanks from the United States, then the European allies will also help us de-occupy Ukrainian cities with tanks.

I also drew attention to the fact that Russia wants to cause famine.

We all need to get through this winter. This is the hardest winter ever. And I am convinced that if we talk about Ukraine, then you see what is happening. They blocked the ports so that our grain would not go to Africa, Asia, some European countries, in order to create chaos, political chaos and famine there. They want to cause hunger,” Zelensky said.

He also assured that the world must decide on Putin. We've made our decision. We will not depend on one person who is not a citizen of our country.

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