Putin loses control and does not fulfill his functions – the oppositionist about the conflict in command


Putin loses control and does not perform his functions – oppositionist about conflict in command< /p>

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is completely out of touch with reality. It seems that he is losing control over the situation in his own country.

Such an opinion on the airChannel 24expressed the Russian opposition politician Igor Yakovenko. According to him, the fact that Putin is completely out of touch with reality manifested itself on February 24, when he started a full-scale war. This is a completely crazy move.

The dictator had no reason to attack Ukraine. He could easily reign in the conditions that were before the full-scale war.

Although Putin fell under partial isolation after the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of war in the Donbass, this was not such a big problem for him. After all, Europe continued to trade with Russia, while the Kremlin continued to “buy” some representatives of the Western elite.

Putin is losing control inside Russia

Yakovenko reminded that Putin mainly served as the so-called “watchman” between different clans within Russia. Now he seems to be literally losing control of everything.

This, in particular, manifested itself in the dismissal of the former commander of the Airborne Forces, Mikhail Teplinsky, who was replaced by Oleg Makarevich, and other personnel changes in the Russian army.

Here are these quarrels in the Russian army , in particular, about the dismissal of the head of the “VDV”, and the hysteria about this of the so-called “legendary” military correspondents “… This is all not a quarrel of bulldogs under the carpet. They jumped out and bite each other in front of an astonished public. And Putin is not at all is going to appease anyone. Apparently, he is not able to,” said Yakovenko.

In parallel, it is worth mentioning the owner of PMC Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who gives everyone sledgehammers and strengthens his own influence. All this and other things indicate that Putin is losing control over what is happening.

According to him, now in Russia there is a real privatization of the army. There is practically no unified command. After all, there are more than 10 different private military companies that do not subordinate to the commander in chief. Everything is so absurd that even Defense Minister Shoigu creates his own PMC based on the army.

How is that at all? The Minister of Defense makes PMCs on the basis of the army … None of these PMCs is subordinate to the commander in chief. The same Kadyrov. His guard is not subordinate to Putin or Gerasimov. There is no single command in the Russian army. In addition, there is pathological corruption in the army itself,” Yakovenko said.

The Russian army is again undergoing another reshuffle

  • On January 11, Sergei Surovikin, commander of the occupying army, was removed from his post in Russia. Valery Gerasimov was appointed to his place. As the American Institute for the Study of War noted, such personnel changes are a consequence of the internal struggle of different clans for power.
  • Recently, a new commander of the airborne troops was also appointed in Russia. It was Oleg Makarevich, who immediately began to be torn apart by various local “military correspondents”.
  • It is assumed that the previous commander Teplinsky was fired because he resisted Gerasimov's plans to use the Airborne Forces to support operations near Bakhmut.

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