Putin lost face: how the dictator was shown that he was “extra” at the SCO summit



During the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, Kremlin head Vladimir Putin hoped for military and economic assistance from Asian countries. However, instead he received repeated humiliation.

The President of Russia came to Uzbekistan as a loser whom no one respects in the world. Russian opposition leader Igor Yakovenko told Channel 24 about this.

“Slop bucket” instead of support

The expert noted that Putin came to the SCO summit for support, but everything did not go according to plan.

He received a “garbage bucket” on his head, which each of the SCO members put on him in turn … Putin, turning his back to the West and returning his face to the East, received clear and understandable instructions from the East: “We don't need your face with a very simple reasons – because it is not there, you lost face, you lost, so you are not needed here,” the observer explained.

According to him, Putin “lost face” because he did not support his military ally, Armenia in the conflict with Azerbaijan.

“Putin arrived as a loser. In the East, where Putin turned, losers are simply put on all fours and made to lick their boots. For Putin, this was a hint that there will be just such an attitude. It is also the first international visit where Putin appeared after a heavy defeat from the Ukrainian army,” Yakovenko said.

In his opinion, Putin was veiledly told by Asian leaders at the SCO summit that “he lost face, he no one, his name is nothing, and that he is not expected here.”

“It was in translation from Eastern etiquette that almost all members of the SCO told Putin,” the oppositionist added.

Putin got a “slop bucket” on his head during the SCO summit: watch the video

How Putin was humiliated

Yakovenko noted that Putin's humiliation in Samarkand was expressed through a series of moments.

“Let's start with a typical oriental mockery with the help of minor violations of etiquette. Who met Putin in Samarkand? Not the president Uzbekistan, who met Xi Jinping. Putin was met by a second person – the Prime Minister.So everyone pointed Putin to a place “one step lower” than Xi Jinping,” the expert explained.

The next “acts of humiliation” of the Russian opposition politician indicated waiting for the head of the Kremlin during personal meetings.

Putin waited at the meeting of the President of Kyrgyzstan for some time. Although he was usually several hours late for the Queen of Great Britain, the Pope, other leaders. And now Putin is waiting for whom? President of Kyrgyzstan. This is another “slap”. A number of “slaps” and slaps on the back of the head that Putin received during his visit, Yakovenko continued.

According to him, another manifestation of humiliation was “in intonations”.

“Putin was clearly told by Xi Jinping that he, in a meeting with President of Kazakhstan Tokayev, said that China would stand for the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan. But from whom? Where is the threat? Perhaps from the northern neighbor, which has the largest land border with Kazakhstan? that Putin was told not to go there ever. This is another “slap in the face,” the expert added.

The most important “slap” the interlocutor believes is what countries agreed SCO.

“The main decision of the first day was the creation of a trade route from China through the countries of Central Asia – through Turkey, to Europe. All this way passes bypassing Russia. That is, Russia is not needed, Russia is an extra person in the East. This was said to Putin quite clearly and frankly: “Putin, you are superfluous here in the East,” Yakovenko summarized.

Putin at the SCO summit: what is known

  • Head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin is known for his daring lateness to meetings with other leaders of state. But now they are making him wait. This time, the head of the Kremlin was humiliated by the presidents of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey at the SCO summit.
  • Political observer Ivan Yakovina believes that Putin was “beautifully shamed” in this way. According to him, his own “trademark trick” was used against him.
  • At the same time, at a press conference of the SCO summit, Putin reacted to the successful counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, and also stated that the “special operation” was still has not reached its goals, and Russia does not refuse to seize new territories of Ukraine.
  • He also complained that Vladimir Zelensky did not want to talk to him. While the Izyum mass graves are shocking the world, the Russian president has made the absurd claim that his country seems to be striving for peace.

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