Putin made a reservation about the real population beyond the Urals: the Kremlin significantly inflated the data


Putin made a reservation about the real population beyond the Urals: the Kremlin significantly inflated the data

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin accidentally revealed the truth about the number of inhabitants beyond the Urals. It turned out that the Kremlin systematically inflated the population of this region of Russia.

Putin accidentally revealed the truth during a meeting with workers from an aircraft factory in Ulan-Ude, Channel 24 writes . The dictator said that the population of the eastern part of Russia consists of 12 million people, and not 27 million, as was officially announced earlier.

Putin revealed the real population of the Asian part of Russia

Putin pointed to the historical reason for such a difference in population between different parts of Russia and explained that this complicates the development of infrastructure.

The eastern part has not been developed before. That's how it happened historically. Well, I think that it is also clear why – we have 12 million people living beyond the Urals. Well, it’s very hard not to pull up the pipe to each settlement, – said the head of the Kremlin.

Putin mentioned the real population beyond the Urals: video

Putin's statement exposed yet another lie of the Russian authorities about the country's population. Twice as many people live in the Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts as Putin said, according to official figures.

Previously, independent demographers in Russia reported population exaggerations, but the authorities tried to hide this fact.

Putin's words once again confirm that the Russian authorities cannot be trusted, both in the context of demographic indicators and on other important issues.

Putin sold Russia to China

  • Russians should be worried not only about the Kremlin's lies about Russia's population, but it seems like Putin's pact with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. China recently published an official map showing some regions of Russia with Chinese names.
  • We are talking about the historical Chinese territories that passed to Russia in the 19th century after the signing of the Aigun Treaty. Ou Hanzong, a political commentator from Jiangsu province, believes that the use of Chinese names for Russian Far Eastern cities may remind the Chinese of their desire to regain lost territories.
  • There is also a theory that China will receive these Russian territories in exchange for Russian military assistance for the war against Ukraine.

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