Putin may abandon doubles, now there will be holograms, – opposition journalist


Putin may abandon doubles, now there will be holograms, - opposition journalist

There is plenty of evidence that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has doppelgangers, appearing at almost every public event. Now the dictator can give up doubles and start showing Russians his holograms.

This opinion was expressed by Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko on Channel 24 . He noted that during a meeting with the self-proclaimed leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin grabbed the table as if he was afraid to fall.

Putin rejects the idea of twins

Yakovenko noted that the Russian dictator is beginning to rule out the idea of sending his doubles into the public space. Currently, Putin can use holograms.

I think he moved from the tactic of impersonating himself as a doppelgänger to holograms. And we can already see it on the space station, and under water, and in a fighter, he suggested.

The opposition journalist stressed that during the meeting between Putin and Kadyrov, two inadequate people can be seen. The Russian dictator constantly held on to his desk, and the self-proclaimed leader of Chesney barely read from a piece of paper.

“On this sheet of A4 letters are A4 in size. Because otherwise it is difficult for Kadyrov to read, he reads something in syllables. Putin sits opposite him, grabbed the table, otherwise he will just fall. These are two absolutely inadequate people,” Yakovenko added.

Yakovenko about Putin's doubles: watch the video

Putin's strange behavior during a meeting with Kadyrov

  • Vladimir Putin met with the head of the Russian region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. During this meeting, the Russian dictator held on to the table. This came amid allegations that Putin was suffering from severe abdominal pain. The media write that the new footage shows that the head of the Kremlin is suffering from health problems, continuing to threaten the West.
  • The telegram channel General SVR, which claims to have sources in the Kremlin and covers Putin's likely health problems, wrote that the head of the Kremlin was in pain during a meeting with Kadyrov.
  • It is noted that Putin was twisted in pain and convulsively grabbed his hand at the table, and this is on the official Kremlin recording, where the best and most successful shots are shown.

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