Putin may prepare “surprises” on May 9, – Russian opposition journalist


Putin May 9 may be preparing "surprises", – Russian opposition journalist

Russian opposition journalist announced new “surprises” from Putin on May 9/Getty Images -annotation”>There is less and less time until May 9, and, as you know, this, in fact, was the deadline for celebrating at least some kind of “victory” for Putin. Obviously, the head of the Kremlin will be preparing unpleasant “surprises” for that day.

Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko spoke about this on Channel 24. According to him, the Russian dictator should at least present and declare something on the day of victory.

It won't end just like that, there will be a provocation – Yakovenko

A Russian opposition journalist noted that fighting for 3 months with Ukraine and without any success is extremely humiliating for Putin's Russia, which, according to a far-fetched myth, seems to be the most powerful.

That is why for this there is a scheme that the president of the occupying state is fighting not at all with Ukraine, but with NATO, the USA, Europe and the whole world in general. Like, this is an explanatory legend, because now there is a problem for the Russian dictator what to do and say on May 9.

It is quite possible that on May 9 there may be some surprises with Putin’s side,” Yakovenko emphasized.

He noted that he did not understand what kind of victory the head of the Kremlin would celebrate, because he only needed some kind of personal victory.

“Ukraine’s victory is his “she stole it because it is obvious that she is winning this war. At least she will not lose. That is why, most likely, there will be some kind of provocation on May 9. It will not end just like that,” Yakovenko believes.

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