Putin must be arrested in 122 countries of the world if he ends up there: where exactly


Putin must be arrested in 122 countries of the world if he ends up there: where exactly

On March 17, a court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now the dictator must be arrested in 123 countries of the world.

The head of the aggressor state now has the official status of a suspect in the illegal forced transfer of Ukrainian children. The arrest order was also issued in the name of the Ombudsman for Children in Russia, Lvovo-Belova.

De Putin should be arrested

Outside of Russia, Putin should be arrested and brought to trial. The dictator can be detained on the territory of countries that have ratified the Rome Charter. It is an international treaty that established the International Criminal Court.

The Rome Charter was signed by 155 states, but ratified by 122. Ukraine has not yet ratified it. Consequently, Putin must be detained in almost all European countries, in Canada, Japan, a number of African states, etc.

The US, Russia and Israel first signed the charter, but then withdrew their signatures. China has not ratified the document.

Green indicates ratifying countries / Wikipedia infographic

What they say in Russia

It is clear that with this warrant the world received a signal that the Russian criminal regime and its leadership and henchmen will be held accountable. Despite this, in Russia they assure that they do not care, and the decision of the court for Moscow will not matter.

This is argued by the fact that Russia has not ratified the Rome Charter. True, guided by this logic, Putin will have to carefully choose the countries for his business trips or stay in the bunker further.

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