Putin must live to see the trial, – the leader of Ichkeria said who will destroy the Russian empire


Putin must live to see trial, – the leader of Ichkeria has said who will destroy the Russian empire

Vladimir Putin came to power and has been holding it for all these 20 years precisely because he was and is in demand in Russian society. The war against Ukraine was launched in 2014 at the request of the electorate, which voted for the dictator.

One should not separate the “bad tsar from the good mass”. This opinionChannel 24 was expressed by the head of the government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Akhmed Zakaev.

“Putin is the personification of the idea of ​​Russian culture and Russianism. By removing Putin, if we do not solve the problem with this phenomenon, nothing will change. There will be another in his place,” Zakayev stressed.

Perhaps for a few years a certain figure will appear who will speak a pleasant language for the outside world. But the essence will remain unchanged.

“This mass inside will prepare for what they did in Chechnya. When the war began, they also said: “We will take Chechnya with one regiment in two hours.” And this war is really The case continues today – for more than 20 years,” the head of Ichkeria emphasized.

Putin is the best empire destroyer

According to Zakayev, the Ukrainian special services, the Mossad and everyone who is interested in this subject should do everything to keep him alive and stand trial.

The best destroyer of the Russian empire and this world is Putin. And his assistants Prigozhin and Kadyrov, – the head of the government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria is convinced.

As long as there are all the people who advocate war, this system is being destroyed. That is why their lives should be spared until the court passes sentence on them. A nation can become quite normal if it takes into account the mistakes of the past. For example, the Germans are still experiencing the burden of historical guilt, and this is a completely normal civilized nation.

“It should be the same with the remnants of Russianists. They should perceive the world precisely in the context of what cannot be done. What they did or did on their behalf was a crime, and the world condemned it. When they are publicly condemned by a military tribunal, this may subsequently discourage those Russianists who still applaud them today,” Akhmed Zakayev summed up.

The event should stop the dictator

    < li> Western partners are still afraid to provide Ukraine with certain types of weapons. Former US Special Representative Kurt Volker said they are trying to stick to so-called “red lines” so as not to provoke Putin.
  • “If Putin was capable of anything more, he would already be doing it. He he is not waiting for us to act. He is trying to destroy Ukraine, and he must be stopped at all costs,” Volker said.
  • In his opinion, the Allies should have provided better air defense for Ukraine a year ago. Also, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have received tanks, artillery and long-range missiles long ago so that they could knock out Russian troops from Ukrainian territory, including Crimea. The ex-special representative assures that a program to provide Ukraine with modern fighter jets should immediately be launched.

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