Putin must withdraw troops, this is the basis for negotiations – Scholz


Putin must withdraw troops, this is the basis for negotiations - Scholz

The responsibility for ending the war in Ukraine remains with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He must withdraw his troops.

This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. According to him, Putin deliberately misjudged the strength of Ukraine.

Putin must withdraw troops

According to the German chancellor, it is necessary that Putin understand that he will not succeed with his invasion and his imperialist aggression.

He must withdraw the troops. This is the basis for negotiations,” Scholz said.

According to him, the year-long Russian-Ukrainian war has reached a stalemate that is causing huge damage to Ukraine. However, Germany will not force our state to make uncomfortable compromises.

“There will be no solutions without Ukrainians,” the German leader emphasized.

He added that Putin clearly misjudged the strength of Ukraine and the unity of all its friends in resisting the Russian invasion.

“It is very difficult to judge what will happen next in Ukraine, but somewhat absolutely clear: we will continue to support Ukraine with financial, humanitarian aid, as well as weapons,” the chancellor said.

The event is ready to consider security guarantees for Ukraine, but “in times of peace”

The chancellor also answered the question of whether an agreement is possible, according to which Ukraine will be offered to accept the loss of part of the territories temporarily occupied by Russia in exchange for certain security guarantees from NATO or entry into the EU.

We told them (Ukrainians – Channel 24) that they can apply for membership in the European Union. And they are working to make progress on all the criteria that are important for this,” Scholz explained.

In his opinion, Kiev knows that the West is ready to organize certain security guarantees for Ukraine in “peacetime”, but it has not yet come.

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