Putin outplayed everyone again


Putin outplayed everyone again

Putin outplayed everyone again/Getty Images secret biolaboratories funded by Soros under the leadership of Biden's son, which will be directed against an exclusively Slavic ethnic group.

And they constantly drive thousands of fighting Buryats and Kadyrov's TikTok warriors to die in Ukraine, who have nothing to do with this Slavic do not have an ethnic group.

Why anti-Slavic weapons against Russia at all, if there are almost no Slavs left there?

You can't even touch their Minister of Defense with these weapons, and the flight of war pigeons would only lead to unnecessary expenses for their training. But in Eastern Europe, in total, there are already much more Slavs than in that Russia.

Or maybe this is Putin's cunning plan? He knows about the super technological Slavic genetic weapons that were developed in Ukraine and therefore sits in a bunker so that a war pigeon does not accidentally attack him. And that is why he surrounded himself in the struggle for the Russian mer with Tuvan shamans and Kadyrov's puppets? So that they won't be scared?

And he sends Buryats to Ukraine, who, firstly, no one counts, and secondly, their genetics are definitely not similar to Ukrainians and the biologically genetic nanoweapon developed on Ukrainians would not work here. Here again, Putin outplayed everyone. Not just because he takes baths from extracts of deer antlers. Probably, this is a shamanistic technological anti-weapon.

The “brilliant” strategy of the Kremlin

The funniest thing would be if he really was told about this in one of his daddies and he believed it. After all, the folders will not contain the conclusions of scientists who each time say that such a weapon is stupidly impossible and this is a manifestation of someone's sick imagination. Yes, even Natalya Poklonskaya, not the smartest woman in the world, doubts the propaganda of her comrades in the annexation of Crimea. But daddies put everything and put everything, and now they say that they destroyed 5 biological laboratories in Kyiv.

I wonder if they scammed “Retroville” because there was a vaccination center there? And in this way they fought with the top-secret chips, also earned by Bill Gates to control the Slavic ethnos?

Probably Bill Gates wanted all the Slavs to come to the edge of the earth and jump off. That's why those damn Americans are telling everyone that the earth is round.

Putin outplayed everyone again

Putin takes a bath with deer antler extracts/Photo by Getty Images

By the way, this is the smartest strategy. To scare all Russians with biological and nuclear weapons, and at the same time drive their soldiers into the radioactive Red Forest. If these slickers return home and shine there, will this be used by Russian propaganda as proof that there were nuclear weapons in Ukraine? Again, Putin outplayed everyone.

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