Putin set another date for the army to occupy Donbass – GUR on key direction


Putin set another date for the army to occupy Donbass – GUR about the key direction< /p>

Despite numerous defeats at the front, Vladimir Putin continues to give his invading army the task of capturing the Donbas by the end of March. And there have already been a lot of such dates.

Andrey Yusov, representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, spoke about this on the air of the telethon, Channel 24 reports.

Yusov noted that by the end of March, according to Putin, the invaders should reach the administrative border of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Like all previous times, they will not succeed. Now we see this haste and the abandonment of manpower, which is now taking place in the East. The key task of the invaders is to take the East. It would be at least some kind of victory for the enemy,” Yusov emphasized.

He also recalled that the plans of the enemy always fall apart. And it will soon be a year since the occupiers “take Kiev in 3 days”.

We add that Ukrainian intelligence had previously warned that Russia was planning a new offensive against Ukraine. -landing troops. And on February 14, they noticed that Russia was stockpiling aircraft near the border with Ukraine.

Specialists at the American Institute for the Study of War say that Putin is unlikely to announce measures to further escalate the war in Ukraine at the Federal Assembly on February 21.

Missile terror continues

  • On the night of February 16, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with missiles and drones. The enemy fired 36 missiles from both the Azov Sea and the Black Sea.
  • Our air defense shot down 16 missiles. In particular, 14 X-101/X-555 and Kalibr cruise missiles and two X-59 guided air missiles.
  • The enemy hit a critical infrastructure facility in the Lviv region. Fortunately, there were no victims or injured. We also know about the fire, which managed to be liquidated.

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