Putin sharply called on the Solovyov show: live video


Putin was sharply called out on Solovyov's show: live video

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">The “experts” on hot political talk shows in Russia have called their dictator Putin sharply. In general, Russian propagandists are preparing their “population” for defeat.

Putin was sharply called at the Solovyov show in Russia, reports Channel 24. And also on the same program fought in hysterics because of Zelensky's words about Putin.

Putin is a lame mare

At Solovyov's show, one of the experts reflected on what awaits Russia. He started talking about what he called Putin – a lame mare.

The conditional Navalny, Galkin, will come to power. These gnomes are a huge number of spares. They have the whole stable. We have one lame mare. We will be her “tovo” until she jumps out at this hippodrome, – said the Russian.

As Channel 24 presenters noted, Putin will be kept in Russia as long as necessary until he dies somewhere. The dictator lives in a vacuum, there is a vacuum around him. If some people appear, then these are FSO officers, because the faces are the same. The left hand does not move. Our mare is lame on her left hoof.

Putin was sharply called out on Solovyov's show: watch the video

Propagandists are preparing ” population” to defeat

In general, Russian propagandists are increasingly preparing their “population” for defeat. They are already saying that reaching the borders of 1991 is not a defeat. Russia cannot be defeated. She won because she denazified and demilitarized Ukraine.

And another propagandist, Tigran Keosayan, knows for sure that if the Caribbean crisis 2.0 occurs, Russia will definitely open nuclear mines. It is interesting that even the ISW, the Pentagon, Biden do not exactly know anything about the use of nuclear weapons by Russia, but Keosayan is aware of everything. Another circus from the country of “Chapiteau”.

Russian propaganda: the latest news

  • Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and Putin's loyal apostate Dmitry Medvedev again decided to issue a portion of absurd statements. For example, the politician decided to turn to history again, but this, to put it mildly, did not work out either.
  • Anastasia Yelsukova, originally from the Luhansk region, back in 2014 decided to take the side of the enemy and shoot stories from the occupied territories for the Russian propaganda. Recently, she came under shelling in Soledar and was seriously injured.
  • The Russian propaganda machine does not stop even for a moment. One of the topics that the Kremlin is dispersing is NATO issues to discredit it.

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