Putin shifted the blame to the “collective West” for Russia's seizure of Belarus: all because of sanctions


Putin shifted the blame to the

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko/Getty Images

Belarus has actually become a state dependent on Russia. But the local self-proclaimed president, Alexander Lukashenko, is calling on the former countries of the Soviet camp to join them.

Russia and Belarus formed the so-called “union state” back in 1999. Both countries still legally retain their independence. But Belarus is very dependent on the whims of the Kremlin. This was also confirmed by the war of Russia against Ukraine, when it was from the territory of Belarus that Russian infidels attacked our state. In addition, Belarus provided the Russians with all the necessary support in this war. But so far she herself has not dared to enter the war against Ukraine.

Despite his virtual vassal status in relation to Russia, Alexander Lukashenko calls on other states that were part of the USSR to join the “union state.” Otherwise, it scares them with the loss of independence and sovereignty. He stated this during an address to the garlic of one of the forums of this formation.

“Today, the countries of the post-Soviet space should be sincerely interested in rapprochement with the “union state” if they want to preserve their sovereignty and independence. We were convinced that only together it is possible to resist global challenges”. – Lukashenko said.

Although his words are more reminiscent of not a voluntary invitation, but intimidation in case of refusal.

“Those who still have doubts should understand: without the speedy unity and consolidation, strengthening of interstate ties and simply normal human relations, we may not exist tomorrow,” the Belarusian dictator said.

The West is “guilty” of everything

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, in his address, also decided to resort to traditional intimidation and threats. And at the same time, explain why the process of “integration of Russia and Belarus” has begun to be so actively engaged in Russia. Although the first documents were signed back in 1999.

And here he found what unites Russia and Belarus – the sanctions imposed on them. Russia is still convinced that the sanctions imposed on them illegally. Although most of these sanctions were imposed for the occupation of Ukraine in 2014 and a full-scale invasion in 2022.

“Unprecedented political and sanctions pressure from the collective West are pushing Russia and Belarus to accelerate the unification processes,” Putin said.


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