Putin should not be allowed to revive the USSR – US Senator

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Putin should not be allowed to revive the USSR - US Senator

Romney says Putin wants to rebuild NATO.

US Senator Mitt Romney said the United States and other Western countries should stop Russian President Vladimir Putin from resurrecting the Soviet Union in one form or another.

Politico writes about this with reference to the senator.

“He is trying to restore what he had before. This cannot be allowed,” said Mitt Romney.

According to him, the head of the Kremlin wants to divide NATO and weaken it. “He (Putin – ed.) is trying to divide NATO and weaken it. We need a strong Alliance not only to confront Russia, but also against China,” Romney said.

In addition, he noted the need to block the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the event of further Russian aggression against Ukraine: “He will not have this wealth, if he takes any action to overthrow the government in Ukraine, he will be closed.”

As reported, Putin's party decided not to miss the opportunity, and while large-scale protests continue throughout the country in Kazakhstan, they declared their desire to “reunite with Kazakhstan for the sake of the idea of reviving the USSR.” State Duma deputy from the Kremlin United Russia party Sultan Khamzaev wrote on his social network page that “Central Asia is the Russian land” and that “Kazakhstan is the historical homeland of Russia.”

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