“Putin should not be underestimated”: the US special services spoke about the likelihood of an invasion of the Russian military in Ukraine

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The head of the CIA assumes that” successful ” the moment for Putin to move to Ukraine will be the winter period.

The American special services said that there is no definite confirmation of Putin's plans to invade Ukraine. However, the CIA notes that one should not underestimate the President of Russia, because he can act very radically.

The Wall Street Journal writes about this.

CIA Chief William Burns said that the intelligence services The United States did not come to the unambiguous conclusion that Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine.

Despite this, the intelligence services note that Russia has assembled a powerful military force that “can operate on a very large scale.” The CIA is convinced that the most “favorable” moment for the invasion of the Russian Federation will be precisely the winter period.

Burns notes that Putin can act very unexpectedly and radically, so he should not be underestimated.

“I would never underestimate the propensity of President Putin to take risks with regard to Ukraine,” said the head of the CIA.

Burns stressed that it is important to respond to Russia's actions with regard to Ukraine with strong containment and provide a field for diplomacy.

Recall that President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin continues to build up the military potential of the Kremlin on the border with Ukraine.

As a result of such actions, American President Joe Biden and the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin agreed to talk today on December 7, video conference mode. The conversation is scheduled for 17:00 Kiev time.

After that, Biden will hold a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky following a video call with Putin.

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