Putin spoke about resources for artificial intelligence

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Putin spoke about resources for artificial intelligence

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country is committing serious resources to the development of artificial intelligence. RIA Novosti reports.

“Artificial intelligence is not a so-called fashionable hype, not a prestigious trend that will fade away tomorrow, the day after tomorrow,” Putin said. The President said this in the context of the message that Russia is allocating serious financial and administrative resources to the introduction of AI technologies. “And this is not about using these funds, buying high-profile gadgets or other household appliances,” Putin stressed.

The words of the head of state were voiced at the forum on artificial intelligence. Putin also noted that history knows of cases when large corporations and entire countries have slept through a technological breakthrough and were thereby swept off the stage of history.

At the event, Putin said that the development of artificial intelligence is the basis for a new leap forward in the development of all mankind. According to him, end-to-end technologies will penetrate all areas of life.

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