Putin started WW4 to avenge Soviet defeat – Piontkovsky


Putin started the "fourth world" to avenge the defeat of the USSR, – Piontkovsky

Piontkovsky explained why the paths unleashed a great war/Collage of 24 channels

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin suffered the collapse of the Soviet Union very painfully. Now he has decided to take revenge on everyone who, unlike the Russians, knows freedom.


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin suffered the collapse of the USSR very painfully. He managed to reproduce a nation of slaves in his country, but the very idea that free civilized people live nearby, who have not a drop of fear for him, does not allow him to live in peace.

The war against Ukraine is revenge for the collapse of the Soviet Union

Russian opposition political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that the phrase “after the war” can be understood in only one sense: “after the victory of Ukraine, as well as the United States and Great Britain as the most principled allies over Russia.” This is the only scenario that can mean a real end to the war.

In his opinion, Putin has challenged the entire West, but he fears a direct clash in which he has no chance to survive. However, in any development of events, the Russian dictator will face the same fate as Hitler.

I consider the “Third World War” to be the Cold War, as a result of which the USSR collapsed. Putin decided on the “fourth world” in the hope of avenging it, as Hitler wanted to avenge the defeat in the First. Putin is waiting for the same ending as Hitler,” Piontkovsky is convinced.

He also added that after major wars, the structure of global security and other processes is changing, and the victorious states are the creators of the changes. Piontkovsky is convinced that this time Ukraine, the USA and Great Britain will be in these countries.

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