Putin still has other arguments – ex-SBU officer suggested whether Russia would launch a nuclear strike


Putin still has other arguments, – an ex-SBU officer suggested whether Russia would launch a nuclear blow

The head of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin continues to blackmail the world with a nuclear catastrophe. And, unfortunately, the likelihood of such a scenario still remains.

Ivan Stupak, a former SBU officer and expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, told about this. According to him, as an option, Putin's order on a nuclear strike may not be carried out at the level of any Russian generals.

Blackmail due to the destruction of infrastructure

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">Putin still has arguments not to use these weapons. First of all, this is blackmailing our infrastructure,” the expert noted.

In his opinion, the roads have already painted a picture of “victory” for themselves: as winter approaches, it will hit critical infrastructure more so that “Ukrainians freeze and go out and rallies against Zelensky. In addition, there will be no pressure in the gas pipeline to the EU and the Europeans “will not want to sit in cold apartments and the supply of weapons to Ukraine will decrease.”

The Russian president can probably hope for such a scenario. Therefore, it postpones the use of nuclear weapons until the last moment.

The queue for nuclear weapons has not yet reached, the paths will use infrastructure,” Stupak noted.

Stupak suggested whether Russia would launch a nuclear strike: watch the video

Putin does not care about his people at the ZNPP

Unfortunately, the threat from the occupied territory of Zaporozhye NPP still remains. At first, the invaders fired only at the auxiliary premises of the nuclear power plant, and then “arrivals” began in the main premises. ? This also means that they endanger their population and the military. But all this logic is crossed out by the fact that the way is indifferent to its population, citizens and military, – said Stupak.

He also added that the Russian president is forgetting about the wind rose. In all likelihood, it may turn around and the cloud “will settle somewhere in Rostov”.

Putin is blackmailing the world with nuclear weapons

  • September 21, during his speech, the head of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin once again threatened the world with the use of nuclear weapons. He stressed that Russia is using all available means to allegedly “protect itself.”
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said the threat of nuclear weapons from Kremlin head Vladimir Putin is nothing new. But, according to the Ukrainian leader, risks cannot be ruled out.
  • Other nuclear states must respond to Russia's likely actions in order to continue to deter Moscow from aggressive intentions. This is the opinion of Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office.
  • American General Ben Hodges, if Russia uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the United States will sink the aggressor country's Black Sea fleet in response. However, according to the general, the answer will not be nuclear.

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