Putin tried on a prison uniform, and Zakharova – in hard drinking: Ukrainians exploded with memes because of the decision of the ICC


Putin tried on a prison uniform, and Zakharova - in hard drinking: Ukrainians exploded with memes because of the decision of the ICC

The International Criminal Court in The Hague recognized Vladimir Putin as a criminal. Already issued a warrant for the arrest of the President of Russia. And the network quickly reacted to this, multiplying memes.

The corresponding decision was made by the court in The Hague on March 17. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin is suspected of committing a war crime. We are talking about the illegal deportation and transfer of children from the occupied territories of Ukraine to the aggressor country. Netizens reacted with lightning speed to the court decision. Channel 24 has collected some of them for you. Immediately make a reservation that while we are writing this news, many more memes have appeared, and this is wonderful.

You fit the prison uniform

One of the memes was distributed by Anton Gerashchenko. He noted that this is the near future of Vladimir Putin. In the photo, the head of the Russian dictator is neatly framed with a criminal being led through the courtroom in handcuffs.

Putin is very suitable prison uniform / Photo from the network

Another netizen put Putin's face on a character from the film “Beware of the Car”. His comrade advised him to dry crackers, preparing for the conclusion. We think crackers will not help the President of Russia.

The network noted that Putin and Yanukovych expect bunks in the neighborhood. This forecast is accompanied by a frame in which the dictator from the Kremlin is seeking a child. We remind you that the tendency to kiss and hug other people's children is in his blood.

Putin is known for his love for children / Photo from the network

They even joked that this is Putin's plan. Like, he expressed a desire to join the Wagner PMC. We think that Russia can even make an exception for him. After all, according to the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country, prisoners are not being recruited now.

Putin is expected in PMC “Wagner” / Photo from the network

The speaker of the Odesa OVA, Sergei Bratchuk, noted that the villain should be in prison or die. At the same time, he noted that, unfortunately, this will not happen today. Whatever it was, the process is running. And he illustrated his words with a drawing on which the Russian president is already “winding” the term.

Everyone is waiting for Putin to go to jail / Photo from the network

Another photo shows how organically Putin would look behind bars.

Putin is very suitable to sit behind bars / Photo from the network

Lavrov, Putin, Peskov and Lukashenko. This is another fotozhaba, in which these characters are sitting in the dock behind bars. The netizen drew attention to where the path of the Russian dictator began, and what he came to:

  • 2000: Putin in his first term, Russia in the G8.
  • 2023: Putin is fucked up after 23 years and is under an international arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court.

Lavrov, Putin, Peskov and Lukashenka should go to jail / Photo from the network

An interesting analogy was made by another network user. He recalled that after the decision of the ICC to arrest Muammar Gaddafi, he lived only 4 months. So, in June 2011, a permit for arrest was issued, and in October it was liquidated.

No, that is, no, this is not a direct hint that Putin is about to die. It's just such a parallel. Just a parallel, he jokes.

Another fotozhaba compares Putin with Hitler. Yes, over the past year we have all become convinced that he is even worse than the one he called world evil.

It is clear that they could not ignore the speaker of a ministry that no one needs in Russia. Mashenka Zakharova now, perhaps, is filled with vodka. There is even a corresponding photo, in which she greedily holds on to a glass, as if for her last hope.

Also, an illustration was scattered like a network, in which Putin is being pulled along by a man in a black balaclava. In principle, something like this can await him when he dares to leave the bunker after the decision of the ICC.

Putin will be afraid to leave the bunker / Illustration from the web

Anton Gerashchenko is on a roll. He posted another fotozhaba. It depicts Putin as Hannibal Lecter. Recall that he was an American serial maniac.

Putin compared with Hannibal Lecter / Photo from the network

Putin became an exile

  • Prosecutor General Andrey Kostin noted that Putin will become an exile after this decision. He added that now world leaders will think three times before crushing his hand or sitting down with him at the negotiating table.
  • Now measures will be taken that are aimed at finding and detaining suspects. Actually, Putin is the very suspect.
  • After that, the ICC must apply to the states parties to the Rome Statute. He will ask them to arrest and transfer the person to the International Criminal Court. And this means that Putin has been ordered to enter the states that are parties to this charter.

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