Putin turned Russia into a third-rate country – Gudkov on Russia's cooperation with Iran and North Korea


Putin turned Russia into a third-rate country, – Gudkov on Russia's cooperation with Iran and North Korea

Due to international isolation, Russia is forced to look for alternatives to buy weapons for the war against Ukraine. By its actions, the Kremlin has entered the list of third-rate countries and is trying to “sell” it as a victory to the Russians.

Cooperation with Iran and North Korea, Russia joins the club of rogue states, finally cutting off its ties with the civilized world . Channel 24 was told about this by Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov.

Kremlin style degradation

The expert noted that today Russia has no reputation either in the military-industrial complex, or in the army, or in the international arena. He believes that the Russian military-industrial complex “not from a good life” cannot fulfill the task of replenishing stocks of weapons, so the Kremlin is trying to establish cooperation with Iran and North Korea.

They are ready to buy weapons and ammunition anywhere. Unfortunately, in Russia “People” continues to “bury” everything: all this Korean friendship, cooperation with Iran. All this suggests that Putin has turned Russia into a third-rate, not a second-rate country,” the oppositionist explained.

According to him, if someone in Russia considered himself humiliated by the 90s, when the country to be a “superstate”, then it has now ceased to be a “decent state”.

“This will be a much greater disappointment for the people than even the 90s. Putin is leading to this. We do not know what this will entail, but we will see it in the near future,” Gudkov said.

In the cohort of “friends”

The observer noted that during the visit of the “leader” of the DPRK Kim Jong In to Russia, the Kremlin openly mocked the North Korean leader.

“He came on his armored train, the whole country laughed. Of course, it was a dismissive attitude. Iran, North Korea and other rogue countries pose a big risk to civilization. If Putin begins to cooperate with them, it means that other possibilities have been exhausted,” emphasized the Russian oppositionist.

He believes that if Moscow continues its vector, Russia will find new “partners” among the list of allies.

I'm waiting for the Kremlin mentions Zimbabwe, which will become Putin's leading strategic partner in the military-defense complex. In my opinion, this is what it's all about. I'm not talking about the mysterious state of Vanuatu, where Russians can travel without visas if they find it on the map. Maybe military aid will come from there. Both laughter and sin,” the expert concluded.

Russia's cooperation with North Korea and Iran: what is known

  • Global sanctions have seriously limited the arms supply chains to Russia. Such conditions forced Moscow to seek military assistance from rogue states.
  • Recently it became known that Russia received a batch of Iranian drones.
  • According to US intelligence, the aggressor state buys from North Korea millions of artillery shells and rockets.

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