Putin unexpectedly admitted Russia's weakness – Piontkovsky


Putin unexpectedly admitted his weakness Russia, – Piontkovsky

Piontkovsky said that Putin confessed his weakness/Channel 24 collageIn the strategic concept of NATO, Russia was assigned the status of the main threat. In addition, they noted that nuclear weapons remain the main factor deterring aggressors. That is, not only Putin is now blackmailing.

This was reported to Channel 24 by Russian opposition publicist Andrey Piontkovsky. He noted that in this way NATO also showed their “nuclear club” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin's unexpected confession

In his opinion, Putin went crazy enough to believe that the West did not have nuclear weapons. More specifically, he was convinced that the United States would not dare to use it.

As the publicist noted, the head of the Kremlin spoke openly about this at a press conference during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, which took place a few days before the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Putin unexpectedly admitted that Russia is weaker than the conventional level. However, they have nuclear weapons, in which they excel (West – Channel 24), – said Piontkovsky.

As he stressed, it seems that the Russian president still believes in such nonsense. However, both the United States of America and the North Atlantic Alliance have resolutely stated several times that if tactical nuclear weapons are used, they will deal a crushing blow both to Russia and to Putin personally.

Ukraine is now the only one that meets NATO criteria

At the same time, Piontkovsky suggested, Putin was convinced that nuclear weapons would not be used against Russia because the West was constantly backing down because of such blackmail. The publicist recalled that it had been working since 2007, when NATO denied Ukraine membership.

They officially stated that Ukraine does not fit NATO according to any criteria. Now it's just funny. And that North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania meet very high criteria for democracy and development, which are not in Ukraine? – said Piontkovsky.

According to him, Ukraine is now the only one that meets NATO criteria. Especially the one for which the North Atlantic Alliance was created – protection against Soviet and Russian aggression.

Piontkovsky said that Putin confessed his weakness: watch the video

Putin is blackmailing the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus: what is known

  • Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko met on June 25 with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. According to the information, they discussed “guaranteeing world security” by providing Belarus with nuclear weapons.
  • Putin complained that the United States has 200 of its nuclear weapons in European countries. In his opinion, it is necessary to take care of the security of Belarus and other members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan).
  • Therefore, he decided that for the sake of security, Russia would transfer a batch of Iskander- M. At the same time, Putin emphasized that they can launch both conventional missiles and nuclear weapons.

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