Putin wants to show that he is not a coward – Feigin on a visit to Crimea


Putin wants to show that he is not a coward - Feigin on a visit to Crimea

Putin recently visited Crimea. This trip was important for him, for the TV picture, and it doesn't matter if it was a double or some other production.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin told Channel 24 about this. But meanwhile, much indicates that there was a double of the dictator in Crimea.

Filming took place ahead of time.

Feigin noted that even if Putin was in Crimea, it was a premature filming. He certainly didn't perform live there. It doesn't matter here whether it was the day before yesterday, or a year ago, or maybe it was a double of the dictator, the important thing is that there is a television picture, but, of course, this is not a live broadcast.

A rocket will fly in or a drone. This is what they believe. Putin could have flown into Crimea unnoticed, perhaps he drove in a car, it was an hour or an hour and a half, back to the presidential board and flew away. During such a time, even if they knew that he was there, they would not have had time to shoot, – the Russian human rights activist noted.

He added that such operations are prepared in advance very carefully. Putin had two reasons to visit Crimea. Firstly, this is the anniversary of the so-called referendum, although no celebrations were held. Secondly, if Putin had not even gone to Crimea, then everyone would have definitely recognized him as a coward.

Feigin on Putin's visit to Crimea: watch the video

It was important for Putin to show that he was not a coward.

According to a Russian human rights activist, the second reason is even more important for Putin. Still, he considers Crimea his brainchild, which will remain with him forever. There, the front line is not so far away, and even trenches are being dug here. If Putin had not come here, it would also be a signal for the Crimeans that they should definitely pack their bags and leave.

“This also plays a role, because there is talk that people are taking things out of there, selling property, and they know about it. Nobody wants to meet with the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. they say, Putin is demonstrating that he can come,” Feygin stressed.

Crimea News: Latest Events

  • On the anniversary of the occupation of Crimea, March 18, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin arrived in Sevastopol. In fact, it was a double of the bunker grandfather, who was exposed in one detail.
  • The likely visit of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to occupied Crimea on March 18, 2023 may indicate preparations to flee the peninsula. The fact that the alleged head of the Kremlin appeared in Crimea will not frighten either Ukraine or its partners, and the Russians are clearly aware that Ukraine will return its territory.
  • On March 17, late in the evening in the village of Perevalnoye, near Simferopol, there were strong explosions. There are powerful military units there.

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