“Putin was pushed by Xi Jinping”: why China benefits from a war in Ukraine


China declares conditional neutrality over the war in Ukraine. In fact, Xi Jinping gave Putin the green light to launch an invasion of Ukraine.

This was reported to Channel 24 by Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist from Washington. He recalled that in early February, the Russian dictator held talks with the leader of China.

After this meeting, the head of the Kremlin began to speak boldly in favor of Ukraine. In particular, addressing President Vladimir Zelensky about the Minsk Ugors, Putin used the phrase: “I like it, I don't like it – be patient, my beauty.”

Xi Jinping pushed Putin (before the war with Ukraine – Channel 24). It was very important for the Chinese leader to set up an experiment that would be absolutely beneficial for him,” Piontkovsky said.

China's experiment

Russia's plans to take Kyiv within 3 days, this would mean the US withdrawal from world politics. After all, after the reputational disaster in Afghanistan and the loss of influence in Eastern Europe, Washington could no longer hold its positions.

In that case, Xi Jinping would have annexed Taiwan to China in two weeks. Moreover, the Taiwanese themselves would have brought him the “keys” to the island. After all, it would become clear to them that there is no question of any protection from the United States and China completely dominates Southeast Asia. Piontkovsky noted.

If Putin loses, Beijing will still be in a winning position.

“And if the Kremlin is defeated, a period of weakening of the central government in Russia will begin. China will be able to realize its long-standing ambitions and return the original Chinese lands from the Pacific Ocean to the North Sea, as the Chinese call Baikal,” the publicist explained.< /p>

Why did Xi Jinping leave for the SCO

According to him, Xi Jinping would win anyway if he got Taiwan or Siberia. Now the Chinese leader is beginning to realize that this is precisely the second option.

Piontkovsky recalled the well-known Chinese proverb: “If you sit on the river bank for a long time, you can see the corpses of enemies passing by.”

The Chinese leader was waiting for this moment. And now he went to Samarkand to look at this “corpse”, which is already clearly floating on the river, – said the publicist.

Andrey Piontkovsky analyzed Putin's meeting with Xi Jinping: watch the video< /p>

Putin's “adventures” at the SCO summit

  • Putin was put to shame at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held in Uzbekistan. The leaders of other states made the Russian dictator wait for them. It's funny, because Putin regularly uses this trick himself.
  • The head of the Kremlin was forced to make excuses for the defeat in the war in Ukraine.
  • As political consultant Mikhail Sheitelman said, the Kremlin dictator received another slap in the face from the politician whom he considered his ally. Thus, Xi Jinping said that now China will be the guarantor of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kazakhstan.

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