Putin was scared: why the dictator wants to transfer from a plane to an armored train


Putin got scared: why the dictator wants to transfer from a plane to an armored train

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin fears for his life. For his own safety, he moves around the country on an armored train.

Ex-KGB officer and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhirnov told Channel 24 about this. According to him, it will not be difficult to find out the secret route along which the motorcade of the President of Russia travels. dir=”ltr”>Sergey Zhirnov said that not only the head of Russia, but also of Korea use armored trains for movement.

In general, an armored train is an old Stalinist history of the civil war. “We are peaceful people, but our armored train is on a siding,” was the Soviet song,” he explained.

In his opinion, Putin probably took the train because that it is more difficult to track it.In particular, there is special software for aircraft that allows you to explore almost all sides, and the sides of the Presidential Detachment “Russia” too.

Zhirnov said that all the same planes have recently begun to fall more often. The last case was recorded about three weeks ago.

“In my opinion, no one died there, but the blades touched the ground. Putin must have been afraid of this,” he recalled.

According to the ex-KGB officer and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, the presence of a bunker from the times of Joseph Stalin, which can accommodate an entire city, testifies to the fear of the Russian dictator.

Sergey Zhirnov told why Putin needs an armored train: watch the video

Are all Putin's paths really hidden

Sergey Zhirnov explained that secret roads probably lead to Putin's bunker .

There is nothing secret in Russia at all, he stressed.

According to him, after the assassination attempt on Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripach, the Bellingcat investigative journalism community found secret passports of illegal immigrants with all the data about them. Therefore, nothing is impossible for sure.

“That they won't find this secret road?” – Zhirnov focused his attention.

In his opinion, one should focus on Putin's residence “Bocharov Ruchey”. However, traveling by armored train is a huge waste of time.

Russian defeat is clear

It is likely that moving around the country on an armored train is dictated by the fear that arose in Vladimir Putin because of the war against Ukraine.

Putin lost this war on February 24, when he started it,” he said.

According to him, Colonel General Leonid Ivashov first spoke about this to the dictator on January 31, 2022 on behalf of the officers' assembly.

“He said that Russia cannot start this war and cannot win it, Russia will fall apart and lose,” Zhirnov said.

In addition, the appeal contained a call for Putin, as commander in chief, to resign. Everyone understood that the war would end badly for Russia.

Putin's address: what is known

    < li role="presentation">At the end of each year, Vladimir Putin speaks before the Russian Federal Assembly, where he sums up the year and talks about the state of affairs. In Russia, this is the president's constitutional responsibility.
  • Putin should have delivered this message at the end of 2022, but apparently the dictator had nothing to say, so he postponed it to the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine .
  • Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov suggests that Putin in his address will announce a new offensive against Ukraine, which may begin on the same day or the day before
  • According to the Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko, two versions of the content should be expected from the dictator's speech on February 21. It is likely that the head of Russia will have not one, but 2 appeals at once.

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