Putin was shown a plane for regional transportation: “This is the car and will fly”

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Putin was shown a plane for regional transportation:

The main thing to know:

Sukhoi-Superjet 100

One of the most demanded aircraft “in a difficult pandemic time.” By the end of the year, more than 180 aircraft will be flying (155 are in operation and 30 will be released). Serviceability and average flight time increased by 10%.

“I can say that we are coming to the conclusion that the Superjet is becoming the basis of the regional aircraft fleet, and on this aircraft, people will mainly move within the country, including bypassing Moscow,” Slyusar said.


– More than 500 flights have been completed, the intensity of the test program – both flight and bench – is underway. A wing made of domestic composite materials has recently passed one of the key tests.

The main task is to bring the production level to 36 aircraft by 2025 and by 2027 – to 72.

– The car is in demand, – says the head of the UAC. – Only in the domestic market about 600 cars [of this class] will be purchased in the next ten years – this is according to the most conservative estimates. We expect that MC-21 aircraft will occupy a significant part of our domestic market.


– Now the machine is being intensively tested, a second flight [prototype] is being built, – explained Slyusar. – The Aurora Far Eastern airline has ordered 19 of these aircraft. Our modest plans envisage the production of twelve cars a year, but we hope that the market, including support measures, aviation mobility, which will be in hard-to-reach regions, will increase the demand for this car.


Contracts have been signed with the Ministry of Defense, both for the production and modernization of the existing fleet of strategic bombers.

“This will ensure a stable workload [of producers] for the next ten years,” Slyusar said.

“At least seven years,” Putin corrected.

“At least seven years,” agreed the director of the UAC. – Based on the plans that the customer announced, it will be for a longer period.


The main event of the last year was the delivery of the first production copy in December. This year, the Aerospace Forces will receive four more vehicles. The goal is to reach the production level of 12 aircraft per year. A contract with the Ministry of Defense has been signed for 76 Su-57s, but it is expected that the order will be measured in hundreds of units, because machines for a wide range of tasks will be created on this platform. The development of new versions will begin this year.

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