Putin will be forced to face reality: how relations between China and Russia have changed


Putin will be forced to face reality: how relations between China and Russia have changed

Xi Jinping will visit Moscow in March. The visit to Russia will be a demonstration of China's international power after a year of silence on the war in Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed to Channel 24 by a political expert, head of the Vezha Center for Public Analytics Valery Klochok. According to him, after a visit to Russia, the Chinese leader plans to talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The United States of America welcomes this conversation. The political expert believes that China is preparing to implement its so-called “peace plan”.

“The fact is that this plan is not much different from the general Chinese doctrine. It contains a clause on “not using blocs to satisfy one’s own ambitions.” This is a clear signal about NATO,” Klochok said.

How has China's position towards Russia changed?

The political expert added that, in general, China's position remains the same as it was before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The only difference is that relations between Beijing and Moscow have now changed somewhat.

Klochok recalled that in early February 2022, China and Russia signed a declaration on cooperation in the military and economic spheres.

“However, if at that time China perceived Russia at least roughly as a partner, now Beijing’s positions in relation to Moscow are different. China is one step higher, and not even one , so it will dictate the conditions,” the political expert said.

Valery Klochok said why Russia is waiting for Xi Jinping: watch the video

Russia awaits Xi Jinping's visit

The Kremlin is currently waiting for the visit of the Chinese leader. The Russians are in no hurry to carry out open mobilization, although they really need to compensate for losses at the front.

In many ways, the continuation of Russia's military actions will depend on the consequences and results of negotiations between Xi and Putin. Although in fact the conditions for further cooperation between Russia and China have already been formed. Putin will be forced to accept reality,” Klochok said.

According to the political expert, the Russian dictator himself will not cope with the tasks that he came up with for the so-called “special operation.” Putin needs the support not only of China, but also of other countries with an anti-Western stance. Klochok noted that there are up to a dozen countries in the world that today support the Putin regime.

“China is not among the first, but right now, due to the powerful geopolitical game , Beijing will shape Putin's position ,” Klochok stressed.

How much Xi Jinping influences Putin will determine what the Chinese leader will then talk about with Zelensky.

Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: what is known

  • The Kremlin has already announced Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow. The Chinese leader will visit Russia on March 20-22.
  • The Chinese President will meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The parties intend to exchange views in the context of deepening Russian-Chinese cooperation in the international arena.
  • China emphasized that they would adhere to an objective position regarding Ukraine and would play a constructive role in advancing the negotiations.
  • Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko noted that this would be the most important meeting for the head of the Kremlin in recent years. After all, Putin now needs a helping hand from China, which can change its neutral position on Russia's war against Ukraine in support of the aggressor country.

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