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Putin will go to the elections in 2024 in the form of a

Kremlin ideologists intend to rely on the rhetoric of Russia's “moral superiority” over other countries and the preservation of “traditional values.”

In the Russian Federation, during the presidential campaign of 2024, the current owner of the Kremlin is going to be presented as a “custodian of traditional values.”

This is reported by the publication “Meduza” with reference to its own sources close to the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the administration of Vladimir Putin formulated preliminary “ideological guidelines” before the election campaign, which should emphasize the “moral superiority” of Russia over other countries. Such a “conservative isolationist ideology” was developed even before the start of a full-scale invasion, at the end of 2021.

At that time, they intended to sell the Russian voters the image of the Russian Federation as a “state in itself”, which preserves traditions and does not require extensive interaction with the outside world. Now these developments have been somewhat changed, adding the theme of the “Russian world”, to which many countries of the former USSR allegedly belong.

Another ideological basis for the campaign will be the Russia's DNA project, developed by the political bloc of the Kremlin together with the educational society Znanie, which is supposed to study the so-called “Russian worldview” – the meaning of this term is not completely clear.

The publication suggests that the “Russian worldview” combines certain “value constants” “characteristic” of Russia throughout its history, namely “community, a sense of duty and super-goals, existential stability and the priority of the intangible over the mercantile.”

At a closed seminar discussing Putin's presidential campaign, it was determined that the Kremlin dictator should surpass his results in 2018, when he received 76.69% of the vote with a turnout of 67.54% (in the 2012 elections, these figures were 63.6% votes with a turnout of 65.34%).

As you know, Vladimir Putin has been heading the Russian Federation since 1999, when the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin announced him as his successor. In 2008-2012, Putin put his colleague Dmitry Medvedev in the presidency, continuing to lead Russia as prime minister. In the 2024 elections, Putin may be elected president for the fifth time.

Recall that earlier the expert told what chances Putin has in the presidential elections in the Russian Federation if the Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out a successful counteroffensive in 2023.

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