Putin will not stop, Johnson called 4 steps vital for Ukraine


Putin will not stop, – Johnson named 4 steps vital for Ukraine

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< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">Boris Johnson has shown great support for Ukraine and its people throughout the full-scale war. Now he said that there are 4 important steps for Ukraine.

Johnson named 4 steps vital for Ukraine

The British Prime Minister says that Putin will not stop, so a decision needs to be made. According to him, there are 4 vital steps for Ukraine.

We know that Putin will not stop at dismembering Ukraine… He may not realize it, but his grandiose the plot in Ukraine has gone astray… Unfortunately, his failures do not mean that he will have the wisdom to retreat,” Johnson stressed.

He added that in his isolation, the Russian dictator may still believe that total conquest is possible. Britain's prime minister opined that we need to prepare for a long war.

Johnson says that while Putin reflects on his mistakes, Britain and its allies must take 4 vital steps to buy time for Ukraine.

  1. We need to provide Ukraine with weapons, equipment, ammunition and exercises faster than the occupier.
  2. We should help preserve the viability of the Ukrainian state. President Zelensky's government should pay salaries, run schools, deliver aid, and start reconstruction where possible. This requires continued funding and technical assistance, which we must plan to support over the coming years.
  3. It is necessary to develop already existing land routes and ensure the continued functioning of the Ukrainian economy. Since Russia has crushed the Ukrainian economy by blocking the main export routes through the Black Sea.
  4. The Russian blockade of Odessa and other Ukrainian ports prevents the export of much needed food for the poorest people. We need to get this food out.

Lastly, Boris Johnson emphasized that by doing this, they will protect their own security as well as Ukraine, and will protect the world from Putin's deadly dreams.

Johnson visited Kyiv again: what is known

  • Boris Johnson decided to make his first visit to Ukraine on April 9 to express words of support. However, Johnson chose to come again on June 17th. The British Prime Minister unexpectedly came to Kyiv for the second time.
  • Political leaders discussed a number of important issues. Among them: the need to supply heavy weapons and air defense systems, financial and economic support, security guarantees for Ukraine; the need for Russia to compensate for the damage caused to our state.
  • Boris Johnson once again assured that his country will continue to provide weapons to our state and organize the training of the military for an effective fight.
  • Also, Vladimir Zelensky with Boris Johnson walked around Kyiv. They visited an exhibition of destroyed military equipment of the Russian occupiers.
  • After the visit, the British Prime Minister tweeted that he was touched by this trip.

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