Putin will soon be removed from the presidency, – the former head of British intelligence MI6


Putin will soon be removed from the presidency, – ex-head of British intelligence MI6

Vladimir Putin/Kay Nietfeld/DPA

Until 2023, Vladimir Putin will cease to be the leader of Russia. This prediction was made by the former head of the British intelligence service MI6.

The former head of the British secret intelligence service, Richard Dearlove, suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin will cease to hold this post in his country by 2023.

In his opinion, this will happen due to health problems.

I think he will be gone by 2023. However, probably in a sanatorium, Richard Dearlove said.

But he added that Putin, who is 69 years old, will no longer be president after that. The environment will remove him and “probably send him to a sanatorium, from which he will no longer leave as the leader of Russia.”

In addition, he envisaged that the Russian regime could “disintegrate” within the next 12 to 18 months due to Western sanctions imposed on the country, as well as the conflict in Ukraine and the ongoing military actions of Russia.

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