Putin will try to take advantage of the protracted phase of the war in Ukraine – Leshchenko


Putin will try to take advantage of the protracted phase of the war in Ukraine, – Leshchenko

Leshchenko on the decrease in world attention to the war and the fact that Putin can take advantage of this/Channel 24 Collage

Russia's full-scale war in Ukraine is entering a protracted phase, and because of this, the focus on this topic is decreasing. This does not play into our hands.

This was told to Channel 24 by Serhiy Leshchenko, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine. He believes that Russian President Putin will try to take advantage of this situation in some way.

The attention of the world to the war in Ukraine is falling

“The war is becoming protracted. Accordingly, it is difficult to keep the focus of the international community's attention so that this topic is on the front pages. It always happens when a war lasts one day – this is all over the world, when it’s one week, everyone continues to write, and when it’s already the fourth month, other events replace,” Leshchenko explained.

According to him, it is impossible to deal with such circumstances that we have now. If the situation on the battlefield does not change dramatically, attention will continue to fall. If there are any important events, of course, they will write about it. For example, if the situation goes in favor of Ukraine and we liberate some big city, or vice versa – if the Russians arrange another massacre.

They began to act more carefully, such situations , as in Bucha, they are trying to afford less and less. Because they understand that reputational losses are huge, and the consequences are unpredictable. – noted the adviser to the head of the OP.

Leshchenko stressed that in order to retain the attention of the world audience as much as possible, Ukraine needs to look for new platforms to convey information about the war. It is not only about political platforms.

For example, although President Zelensky is the most prominent speaker in parliaments, he has recently made speeches at several film festivals and other events related to the cultural sphere. Such speeches allow you to keep the attention of not only the basic political audience, but also the general public.

Russia makes stuffing into the international information space

Also Sergey Leshchenko said that Russia regularly intrudes into the international information space and produces stuffing aimed at destroying support for Ukraine by its Western partners. For example, infidels systematically report that they have destroyed some batch of weapons that the West gave us, or such a batch fell into their hands.

To thus show: “Do not help Ukraine, then these weapons will fall into the hands of Russia.” But they do not provide proof of this,” Leshchenko explained.

In addition, the Russians continue to arrange provocations with a primitive level of argumentation. They say that the atrocities in Bucha were organized by the Ukrainians themselves, the railway station in Kramatorsk and the theater in Mariupol were also bombed by themselves. Fortunately, no one believes in these stuffing, because the Ukrainian side, unlike Russia, has real evidence.

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